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10 Of The Most Popular Beauty Products On Pinterest

10 Of The Most Popular Beauty Products On Pinterest
Pinterest is the holy grail of all things… No, there’s no follow up there – not “of decor” or “of outfit inspo” – it’s the holy grail of all things, and a fantastic gauge of public opinion. Because of that,

12 Futuristic Beauty Looks From Haute Couture Fashion Week

Haute Couture Fashion Week is far more than just a fashion show – it’s a fantastical experience full of theatrical fashion, hair, and makeup. The one-of-a-kind looks don’t always translate as-is to the streets, but they make for killer inspo.

Is Urban Outfitters The New Beauty Hot Spot?

Urban Outfitters isn’t a retailer you would expect to be placed in a similar category as Sephora…until now. Well at least it’s heading that way. The best part? Unlike Sephora, UO’s expanding beauty offering is full of indie beauty buys,

6 Things Ruining Your Skin That You Need To Stop In 2016

We’re always talking about habits that are good for your skin, but they don’t mean anything if you don’t stop the bad habits that are ruining your skin. And you might be surprised to find out what some of those

1 Photographer Documents Beauty Across 37 Countries

First thing’s first: beauty is subjective–not only to each individual, but also culturally. Romanian photographer Mihaela Noroc decided this was a subject worth delving into (we agree), and traveled the world capturing images of authentic women.  “Now I can say

The Vitamins That Will Change Your Beauty Routine

The world of vitamins is overwhelming, to say the least, especially if you’re starting from scratch and are self-taught. But we don’t want you to get overwhelmed and give up, so we have some help. Follow the link below where

The Top 10 Beauty Threads on Reddit

When beauty is your career, there’s nowhere you won’t go for new info and inspo, scouring forums, comment sections, and every dark corner of the internet. Example? Reddit. There’s a wealth of beauty information hiding there, you just have to
60 Hilarious Memes Every Beauty Maven Will Appreciate

60 Hilarious Memes Every Beauty Maven Will Appreciate

We take beauty pretty seriously. I mean, we’ve made it out careers, for gosh sakes. But what makes us not go crazy and stops us from venturing into superficial territory is having a sense of humor about it all. And

Caring About Beauty Is Healthy, Says Science

Dear science, we’d like to officially apologize for hating on you in school, because you’ve just given us further proof that we need to stop feeling guilty over our obsession with beauty. Love, Women Oh yes, ladies, science is now

The 14 Products Every MAC Junkie Should Own

So you fancy yourself a MAC lover, do ya?  Well we have a test for you to see just how MAC-tastic you really are. The following link contains the 14 best selling products from the past year (July 2014-June 2015),

17 Ways to Use a Potato as a Beauty Product

Beauty uses for… Corn starch? Check. Baking soda? Check. Potatoes? Coming right up… You know we love our kitchen beauty hacks, but this next is one you probably never saw coming- potatoes. Rich in vitamins B and C, known to

Did You Know Topshop Had These Rad Beauty Products?

You’ve dropped many-a-paycheck at TopShop.com on killer fashion finds, but did you know they they have a beauty section too? Small but mighty, you won’t be able to complete an entire beauty arsenal, but you can certainly find some seriously

Editor’s Picks: The Best Moisture Repair for Hair

To keep your tresses looking their very best this season, amp up the moisture in your hair care routine. Here are some of our favorite moisturizing measures to ensure that your hair stays healthy and hydrated. Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me Wash
Keeping it Real w/ Karina Smirnoff

Keeping it Real w/ Karina Smirnoff

Ever wonder how Karina achieves her flawless look? Health Beauty Life was able to sneak in a few gotta-know questions  on Karina’s beauty secrets while she was in makeup before her photo shoot for the cover of spring 2015. Health

Why You Should Skip Toner and Use Essence Instead

The term ‘essence’ shouldn’t be new to you, because we briefly mentioned it last year when we revealed Korean skincare secrets. But it has come to our attention that some of you still haven’t tried it, and for that, we
9 Best Winter Lip Balms

9 Best Winter Lip Balms

Could anything be more annoying than chapped lips? Probably, so don’t answer that. But chapped lips are pretty darn irritating, not to mention uncomfortable and unsightly. Forget about wearing lipstick or a memorable first kiss when your lips are flaking

January Giveaway – $100 MAC Cosmetics Giftcard

Now that the holidays are over it’s time to get what you really want…a 100 dollar shopping spree at MAC Cosmetics! This month we’re giving away a MAC gift card to one lucky VIP winner to spend on whatever you
Your 2015 Fashion and Beauty Resolutions

Your 2015 Fashion and Beauty Resolutions

Want 2015 to be your most fashionable and beautiful year yet? Then before heading out to party tonight, add some fashion and beauty promises to your New Year’s Resolution list! Out with the Old…Makeup and Clothes First thing is first: go

How to Store Your Makeup Like a Grown-Up

True beauty junkies can all agree that we outgrew simple makeup bags by the end of high school. Now more sophisticated forms of makeup storage are required for our ever-expanding collections. Not only do these new-and-improved storage solutions keep makeup
Top Five Friday – December 26th

Top Five Friday - December 26th

Use Macy’s boot guide to navigate those end of the year sales! Super easy and super cute DIY balloons for your NYE party! Add a killer pair of earrings and this would be the perfect cool-girl hairstyle for NYE. A

Revlon Announces Removal of Cancer-Causing Chemicals from Cosmetics

Let’s give a round of applause for Revlon, who announced they would be removing some harmful and cancer-causing ingredients from their makeup and haircare products. Revlon was responding to an EWG petition signed by over 109,000+ supporters who urged them
4 Eye Makeup Beauty Tricks You Can Do with a Spoon

4 Eye Makeup Beauty Tricks You Can Do with a Spoon

Spoons aren’t just for shoveling food into your mouth, you know. They have millions of other uses, but since our obsession is all things beauty and fashion, let’s talk about that. There are the obvious things you could do with

6 Red Holiday Worthy Lipsticks

Red lips seem to be all the rage this holiday season, and for good reason. They’re super festive, and they instantly glam up any outfit. If wearing red still seems daunting, don’t worry. Here are 6 shades to suit every
Step-By-Step Gold Stud Nail Art Tutorial

Step-By-Step Gold Stud Nail Art Tutorial

Last week we showed you nail-art newbies a super simple tutorial that would make you look as talented as the gal who created it, Hawaii-based nail tech Jordie Mukai. This week in Jordie’s three part nail series, we’re kicking it
Last Minute Gift Ideas for Fashion & Beauty Lovers

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Fashion & Beauty Lovers

So you waited until the last minute again this year (like you swore you wouldn’t), and now your anxiety about said procrastination is so overwhelming that you can’t think of what to buy your fashion & beauty loving friend/sister/cousin/mom, etc.

December Giveaway - 2014 Sephora Favorites Superstars Collection

Our affection for all things Sephora is boardering on lethal. For the beauty obsessed…yeah, we feel you…it doesn’t get much better than the 2014 Favorites Superstars collection. It’s the best and baddest products that your skin could hope to covet;

FOREO Luna: The New and Improved Clarisonic?

Sick of your Clarisonic yet? Because there’s a new little family of face-cleansing cuties in town, and their name is LUNA. Made by FOREO, the LUNA comes in three sizes -one for men, a regular, and a mini (or a

How to Hide a Hangover

Although we’re sure you’re nothing but a lady, there has probably been a time or two where things got a little out of hand, and you woke up knowing exactly how Leslie from Parks and Rec feels here… Should you