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The Most Common Morning Skincare Mistakes Women Make

The Most Common Morning Skincare Mistakes Women Make
Good morning! Are you doing it wrong? Your A.M. skincare routine, that is. We get that you probably wake up too early to actually use your brain, so flag this page, and when the afternoon rolls around and you’re feeling

20 Beauty Mistakes You Must Stop Making In 2016

Are you sick of hearing about self-improvement in the new year yet? Well too bad, because we have more of it for you, but at least this time it isn’t related to work or the gym. Follow the link below

15 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Older

First thing’s first: there’s nothing wrong with getting older, and we hope all of our readers approach this fact of life with humor and grace. However, there’s also no need to rush it along! So follow the link below to

11 Foundation Mistakes Makeup Experts Wish You’d Stop Making

The hardest part of getting foundation right is finding the correct shade, but the margin for error doesn’t stop there. There are a lot of things that could go wrong, and considering a good, clean, fresh canvas is the most

Common Face-Washing Mistakes You Could Be Making

If clear, glowing skin is the most important part of feeling beautiful, and how well you wash your face is the most important part of achieving said skin, then washing your face is definitely something you don’t want to be

The 9 Worst Beauty Tips Found on Pinterest

We can’t believe we’re about to utter a bad work about our best friend Pinterest, but guys…between the outfits and vacations of your dreams lies some terrible, horrible, no good, very bad beauty advice. It’s not nearly enough to write
The 15 Beauty Bloopers Making You Age Faster

The 15 Beauty Bloopers Making You Age Faster

Like it or not, you’re going to age. No matter what anti-aging cream you slater or, or how many times a day, your skin will wrinkle and eventually sag. So why do anything to speed that inevitable process along? And

6 Common Eye Shadow Mistakes Most Women Make

The eyes are the focus of your face, meaning you best have your eye makeup game on point! Because little do you know, you could be making seemingly-small mistakes that if corrected, could make a big difference on your overall

9 Celebs Share Their Biggest Beauty Regret

No matter how hard you try to live life without regrets, you can’t predict beauty trends, so we all end up with at least one thing we wish we were never so bold as to try. Even celebrities who have

6 Most Common Brow Shaping Mistakes Most Women Make

One of the beauties of the strong brow trend is that regardless of what you were born with, you can manipulate them on a daily basis with few simple makeup hacks. You can sculpt and thicken your brows to face-framing

Top Five Friday - July 17th

20 beauty mistakes you didn’t know you were making (equipped with handy beauty inforgraphics) - AHH! From Anna to The Olsens, the Most Fashionable Pumpkins Ever. We might just have to try our own this Fall. Um, so basically there’s

Beauty Horror Stories: Beauty Treatments Gone Wrong

O…MG. OMG-OMG-OMG. Are you sitting? You should sit. Because ladies, we can’t even describe the pits in our stomachs when reading the following article of beauty horror stories, some with imagery evidence- GASP! From eyebrows falling off to lashes ripping

The Biggest Date-Night Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Nothing is worse than being told by a man that “you’re doing it wrong” when it comes to beauty. But alas, we still want to hear it. We’re talking date night beauty blunders. Because first impressions are everything, and since

Solutions to Your Beauty Screw Ups

Even the most experienced of beauty mavens occasionally slips up- a little smudge here, too heavy of blush there, shaving nicks everywhere- it happens to the best of us. The important part is being prepared for these mini beauty disasters.

10 Brides Share Their Biggest Beauty Mistakes

Byrdie said it best: “There’s never a time a woman wants to make a beauty mistake, but never is the fear of a beauty blunder greater than on her wedding day.” Truer words have never been spoken. Even if you betrothed beauties have