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The Best Beauty Tips Found On Reddit – Seriously

The Best Beauty Tips Found On Reddit – Seriously
Strange but true – Reddit is dark corner of the internet where the truly beauty-obsessed go to find obscure, but often magical beauty hacks. Don’t believe us? Try taking a look at these top 10 beauty threads on Reddit, or
8 Beauty Rituals You Should Already Be Doing

8 Beauty Rituals You Should Already Be Doing

There are tons of great beauty hacks out there, and every once in a while, you run across one so simple-yet-powerful that you think “why on earth haven’t I been doing this all along?” And if you follow the link
7 Beauty Hacks That’ll Have You Out The Door In 10 Minutes Or Less

7 Beauty Hacks That’ll Have You Out The Door In 10 Minutes Or Less

When it comes to morning routines, time is of the essence, so anything we can do to buy more of it without sacrificing our look or style, we’re down. Thankfully our friends at Byrdie know a handful of beauty hacks that
8 Beauty Things You’re Not Doing, But Should Be

8 Beauty Things You’re Not Doing, But Should Be

As the old adage goes, if you’re going to do something, do it right. And of course, we beauty mavens are going to apply that logic to our makeup and skincare regimes. From face washing to close shaving, follow the

5 Beauty Hacks For Hiding A Cold

Suffering from a miserable cold? Join the club (or don’t – it’s a gross one). But just because you feel awful doesn’t mean you have to look it…or at least you don’t have to look as bad as you feel.

Smart Beauty Hacks We Learned From You

Every savvy beauty editor knows that one of the best ways to learn new hacks is to listen to their audience, because often times, we learn just as much from you as you learn from us. Proof? Follow the link

23 Game-Changing Sephora Hacks From An Employee

Every beauty lover has an intimate relationship with Sephora, but not even the most beauty-crazed of them all are going to know all of these tricks: follow the link below to learn 23 insider hacks from a Sephora employee that

8 Pinterest Beauty Hacks, Tested

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: Pinterest. If you’ve tried your fair share of Pinterest-found hacks/DIYs/recipes/etc., you know what we mean. Well The Coveteur decided to do their beauty editor duty and to take

5 Game-Changing Beauty Hacks From Kylie Jenner’s App

You knew when we posted this that it was just the first of many tips and tricks we’d be collecting from Kylie Jenner’s newly launched beauty app. Truth be told, we were hardly prepared for the plethora of new techniques

10 Genius Mascara Hacks Every Women Should Try

Most women want eyelashes that look fake. To clarify, we don’t mean over the top, gaudy fake, but just so long, thick, and fluttery that women are always asking if they’re real (to which we’d respond “Why yes, yes they

8 Morning Beauty Hacks To Look Like A Real Person Again

Ugh, can we just retire the phrase #IWokeUpLikeThis? Because nobody did. As the beauty meme says, why do they call it beauty sleep when you wake up looking like a troll? Most of us wake up super puffy, with dark

5 L.A. Girl Beauty Tricks You Should Know

When you live in one of the fashion and beauty capitals of the world, you have a leg up on the rest of mankind. Take the country’s beloved Cali girls, specifically thos in L.A. Surrounded by the industry’s best, sunshine,

How to Turn Your Blush Brush Into a Contour Brush

There isn’t a beauty maven out there who hasn’t visited TheBeautyDepartment.com at least a couple times…oops, we meant a couple thousand times. Same goes for pinning their hair and makeup inforgraphics- all of our Pinterest beauty boards are loaded with them. Well we’re particularly

9 Weird Backstage Beauty Hacks

You’ve seen the makeup rules being broken at NYFW, and you’d be crazy to think these rebels aren’t doing so via some seriously out of the box methods. Everything from dish soap to paint rollers has been used as a

10 Clever Hacks Taken From Sephora Reviews

As it turns out, the review section on Sephora isn’t only useful for trying to decide whether or not to buy a product- it’s actually an untapped source of beauty tips and tricks. Thankfully, Byrdie.com did the leg work for

How to Cut Your Morning Beauty Routine in Half

It’s a scientific fact that mornings are the worst. Okay, not really, but they are. Even when we go to bed on time like good little workers, waking up and hustling out of the door to make it on time

The Hand Sanitizer as Deodorant Hack: Does It Work?

There’s nothing quite like the panic you feel when you make it to your destination and realize you forgot to put on deodorant- GASP! Oh, the smelly horror! Well fear not, because there’s a handy little hack that can save

19 Overnight Hacks For the Ultimate Beauty Sleep

You sleep for 7-9 hours a night (at least you should be), so why not make that time count? With an extra step or two before bed, you can maximizing that down time properly so you wake up looking even

20 Products Makeup Artists Love to Mix

Makeup mixology- it’s totally a thing. You’ve probably a novice mixologist and didn’t even know it, like if you’ve ever added a little foundation to your moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer. Naturally, makeup artists are the master mixologists. And

7 Genius Ways to Use Castile Soap in Your Beauty Routine

There are certain products whose versatility means you should always have them on hand. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are two such products that get a ton of media attention, but hiding in the corner is castile soap. It

7 On-Set Beauty Tricks Used By Pro Makeup Artists

In the beauty world, on-set is where the magic happens. If there’s ever a time for quick tips, tricks, and utter perfection, it’s there. So one Byrdie contributor is kindly sharing 7 of the best on-set beauty hacks she’s picked
Before and After: 7 Small But Mighty Makeup Tricks

Before and After: 7 Small But Mighty Makeup Tricks

Sometimes, you just have to see something to believe it. And in the case of these 7 tiny beauty tricks, that couldn’t be more true. Because no matter how many times we tell you to curl your lashes or apply
4 Eye Makeup Beauty Tricks You Can Do with a Spoon

4 Eye Makeup Beauty Tricks You Can Do with a Spoon

Spoons aren’t just for shoveling food into your mouth, you know. They have millions of other uses, but since our obsession is all things beauty and fashion, let’s talk about that. There are the obvious things you could do with