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The Global Beauty Icons You Need To Know

The U.S. has its fair share of beauty influencers who we’ve all spent a disgusting amount of time obsessing over. But beauty is subjective, and comes in all shapes, sizes, from all parts of the world. So add some culture

9 Products YouTube Beauty Vloggers Swear By

Yesterday we introduced you to the new generation of beauty influencers, thanks to that little thing called social media. Many of these women have even made beauty vlogging their full-time jobs (Hello, dream job!), and they’ve seen it all. So
These 14 Girls Are The Next Generation Of Beauty Influencers

These 14 Girls Are The Next Generation Of Beauty Influencers

Social media has given rise to a whole new world of beauty influencers. No longer do you need a cosmetics license or fame of any sort, just raw talent, a passion for the industry, and a wifi connection, of course.

Exclusive Interview: Beauty Vlogger Laura Lee Tells All

What do you get when you roll Alabama charm and L.A. chic into one woman? Laura Lee. This southern bred, big city transplant is a self-taught makeup maven who is slaying the beauty vlogging world. She’s been picked to work

10 Beauty Channels To Follow In 2016

Considering the sheer amount of beauty gurus available on the world wide web (key term ‘world wide’), not finding the right one that speaks to you isn’t a problem of shortage, but a problem of weeding through them all. So

The Top Asian Beauty Bloggers You Should Already Know

You don’t have to say it- we already know how long overdue this article is. Asia pretty much rules the beauty roost, and rightfully so. From essence to cushion compacts to their many skincare secrets, they got it goin’ on.

Video: Travel Outfits That Are Both Cozy and Chic

Travel fashion is tricky. Airports are exhausting and planes are notoriously uncomfortable, so realistically, you’d like to wear your pajamas. On the other hand, you are in public, running across people from all over the world (meaning the possibilities are

The Crazy Way Fashion Bloggers Edit Their Instagrams

If you feel like your Instagram feed looks like a drunk toddler’s next to that of a top fashion blogger’s, you’re not alone. Sure they naturally have good style, they receive free (and totally amazing) clothes and products to photograph,

Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Emily Schuman Reveals 10 Styles From Her Line

As one of the first style blogs we ever fell in love with, we could not be more excited for Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashemre and her upcoming clothing collection. The line has over 60 pieces, and will debut

Top Five Friday - July 10th

Of course Free People would know how to create a cute and cozy bohemian atmosphere in your home. A gorgeous Angelina Jolie look using all drugstore makeup. A super informative chart of vitamin-rich foods, and their benefits. Click here to

Watch a Makeup Artist Transform Into a Real-Life Barbie

We’ve been utterly amazed by the power of makeup lately. Like here, where one makeup artist turns himself into 6 of the Kardashian/Jenner women and another beauty blogger makes up half of her face and leaves the other natural, or

20 Beauty Accounts to Follow on Snapchat

You know we always have your back when it comes to the hottest social media accounts to follow. And while you know our obsession with following beauty bloggers on Instagram runs deep, plenty of beauty insiders also use Snapchat to

Change Your Skin With This 5-Minute Beauty Practice

Finnish beauty blogger Katja Kokko knows her stuff, and thankfully for all of us, she’s willing to share it. Today she’s talking about the biggest realization she’d ever had when it comes to skincare, and how a certain 5 minute

5 Tips for Wannabe Beauty Vloggers

So you want to be a beauty vlogger, huh? Then you totally should! But just know what you’re getting yourself into, because there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes than you’d ever think. To help, TZR

17 Desi Beauty Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

If you haven’t already noticed, we love helping you with your Instagram game. From finding people to follow- fashion designers, models with personality, makeup artists- to praising celebs for flaunting their flaws via Insta to poking fun at cliche Insta photos.

Beauty Bloggers to Know: Pixiwoo Sisters, Samantha & Nicola

Introducing Pixiwoo - Sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman who are professional makeup artists with their own makeup school and brush line. On their blog they create a wide variety of in-depth, yet easy-to-follow makeup tutorials. “We started our blog on

Behind the Scenes with Victoria of IntheFrow

Introducing Victoria, the photographer, stylist, editor, and writer behind Inthefrow (meaning in the front row), a style, life and beauty blog and YouTube channel that aims to inspire fashion and beauty coveters from all over the world. Since completing her

6 Bloggers Who are Nailing ‘Spring Beauty’

While we highly respect beauty professionals and tend to look to them first for advice and inspo, hair and makeup is an art form, and like all other art forms, it simply comes natural to some. What we mean is,