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10 Affordable Shoe Brands You Need To Know

A woman can never have enough shoes. A woman can also never afford as many shoes as she needs, er, wants, rather. That’s why when trying to stay on trend, it’s important to know which shoe brands offer maximum style

The Affordable Brand Celebrities Love

Anytime a celeb is spotted wearing something affordable, we’re all kinds of over it. We’ve already identified one affordable label all celebs and cool-girls love, and now we can add another to the list. Follow the link below to see

Dainty Gold Jewelry That Looks Expensive But Isn’t

If you’re in a position to start purchasing investment jewelry pieces, or living by this shopping rule, then more power to you, sister. Unfortunately, not all of us are there (Yet!), and we’re still bargain hunting. So since our favorite

6 Shoe Brands That Look Expensive, But Aren’t

If you liked our posted yesterday about 7 secrets to making your outfit look more expensive than it is, then we have another one you have to see. How about shoe brands that are high quality, comfortable, and stylish, but

The Affordable Label Cool Girls, Bloggers, and Celebs All Love

Affordable and bloggers/celebs aren’t usually two things that go together. Neither is affordable and Emily Ratajkowski. But this time it’s true. Celebs and bloggers alike are going bonkers for Faithful the Brand, a clothing line which launched in 2012 in

6 Celeb Outfits Recreated For WAY Less

Swooning over celebrity outfits would be a lot easier if you had an unlimited budget. Alas, you don’t (Neither do we, so you aren’t alone!), but that shouldn’t stop your swooning. It just means you have to put a little