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Sync Up Your Workout

Sync Up Your Workout

One of the many perks of exercising is that it doesn’t require any technology. You can unplug and unwind from all the wires, cell phones, and laptops that often preoccupy our days. However, if you do enjoy a synced up lifestyle, there are some pretty amazing gadgets and apps that can greatly enhance your workout experience.

Sports Watches

Monitoring your heart rate while exercising can provide valuable feedback, and motivate you to push harder. There are numerous sports watches from a basic, easy to understand model to watches with built in GPS, for those who like to track their distances.

Polar provides some excellent options, such as the FT4, which measures your heart rate and calorie burn. The RC3 GPS is great for long distance runners or bikers, who want to track their distances. When paired with the heart rate strap, it will also measure your heart rate for every mile logged.

Fitness Wristbands

Fitness wristbands are fairly new to the market and are essentially pumped up pedometers. Most are designed to track your activity throughout the day, and help you hit the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Many even allow you to track your sleep patterns too by recording how many times a night you wake up, and how much quality sleep you actually get.

FitBit’s Flex is a simple and sleek option that comes in a variety of colors, and wirelessly syncs to either your computer, Android, or iPhone, allowing you to see your daily activity stats.

Wireless Headphones

If you use an MP3 player during a workout, would it be safe to say that at some point you’ve accidently yanked out your earbuds mid-routine, sending your device flying across the gym? Well, thanks to technological advances, wireless headphones are not only easier to find, but have become more affordable.

Outdoor Technology provides a number of Bluetooth-enabled, wireless headphone options. The “Tags” are priced competitively, have a battery life of 5-6 hours, and feature external controls that allow you to control volume, change tracks, and answer your phone.

Smartphone Apps

We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s an app for that,” and health and fitness related apps are no exception. From tracking your mileage, eating habits, and activity, to providing full workout routines, there are of a multitude of apps available to help reach your health and fitness goals.

Nike Training Club is a free app that provides an extensive variety of workouts. It’s a great app for those who want to challenge themselves, see their progress, and add some variety to their routine.

RunKeeper and MapMyRun, both free apps, use your phone’s GPS to map and log your miles from running, walking, biking, hiking, etc. Both apps also allow you to listen to your music while the app runs, a plus for those who hope to accomplish both tasks with one device.

MyFitnessPal is an extremely versatile app that allows users to log food and exercise daily, and is beneficial for those wishing to maintain, lose, or gain weight. This app also works in conjunction with many of the accessories listed above, making an even easier way to lead a synced up life.


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Author Bio: Elyssa Hill is the owner of  http://adventureofe.blogspot.com/

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