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Stylish Food Presentation for Fall

Stylish food presentation that won’t break your budget!

You might be thinking about holding a dinner party, or even just wanting to change the appearance of your Sunday dinner table. Need a few tips on how you can present food in a more stylish way without breaking the bank? Well, with fall in full swing set out to use bold colors, leaves, rustic adornments and don’t forget pumpkins!

Cutting differently

There are many ways to carve and cut the food you serve, and you do not have to be a master chef to make your selection look delectable.  Use some cookie cutters and fill them with mashed potatoes to create an organized shape on the plate. You can also use an eggcup to be a personal sauce holder, creating more of a restaurant feel.

Use a Chalk or Wooden Platter

For example, a cheese board is a great starter or desert and grapes come in some rich colors resembling those of the autumn leaves. Put these items together on top of a long chalkboard which will give the table a more rustic look. You can easily write the name of each cheese next to where it is placed in order for your guests to see which is which. You can also use fruits of the season such as pears and apples. These will add a great splash of autumn ambiance in between the cheese, as well as being keen addition to the flavors in the platter.

Serving Refreshments

Sparkling apple cider, warm pumpkin spice tea, red wine, brown lagers and season specialties are all options to serve to your guests as they arrive for your dinner or soiree.

If you are tired of having the not-so-attractive beer bottles on the table or you are worried that the beer will get warm , there is an alternative that stick with our fall theme! Pumpkins are everywhere this season and you might have your carving skills already prepared for Halloween.

SO try this: Hollow out a large pumpkin, but leave an edge tick enough for water not to seep through. Then fill the pumpkin with ice and stick in some beer bottles white wine or champagne. The beverage will remain cold and you will not have to run back and forth to the fridge whenever a refill is due.


Autumn is the season for hot, comforting soups. Whether you desire spicy or mild and creamy they can be served up in different ways. Serve your guests soup made of peas, beetroot, or even tomato in a carved out pumpkin for an even more earthy effect.

Ingunn is a freelance copywriter with a special interest in food and decorating.

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