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Stress-Free Steps to Organizing Your Wedding

If you’re a bride-to-be, you will know all too well that a wedding to-do list has the tendency to grow by the day. Just the sight of a 5-page long list of tasks is enough to push anyone into a state of wedding overload! However, there are ways of simplifying your wedding planning so that your mind stays clear, calm and in perspective. To cover all bases, follow this guide for stress-free steps to organizing your big day!

Your Wedding Dress

Ultimately, you’ll want to pick whatever feels right and makes you look good, but try to aim for simple, understated gowns. Research which cuts suit your body shape before you go shopping, as this will give you a good place to start.


One of the most important questions when brainstorming wedding ideas are: where are you going to have it? If you have faith in the weather, stage your wedding day outdoors – making your vows under trees and amongst flowers is ideal. You can even up the romantic atmosphere when the sun sets, by lighting candles and hanging strings of soft lights; it looks truly magical, we promise.

Having a winter wedding? Avoid Mother Nature by choosing a venue with a rustic feel to it. A renovated barn is always a hit, or a quaint church with a rich history. For a more extravagant and grandiose venue, stately homes offer acres of grounds and lavish rooms for yourself and your bridal party to slumber in after the big ceremony! It’s the perfect way to feel like royalty for the day.


If you can’t have your wedding outdoors, bring nature to you. Consider cost, season, budget, and color for your floral options! Choose the right flowers for you, by going with what you like best. Place the most important posies in your bouquet, but make sure that the bridesmaids and the groomsmen (for boutonnieres) get some of your favorite flowers too.

Choose roses, peonies, or orchids for a lovely outdoor wedding. However, wildflowers are always unassuming and beautiful; pick simple flowers, such as sunflowers or daisies as your centerpiece.


When choosing your cake for the wedding, consider what reminds you of home. Buttercream frosting is always a hit with a mix of banana, vanilla or coconut. It may be a strawberry and cream Victorian sponge cake, or even a twist with tart lemon filled cupcakes. Whatever gives you that warm fuzzy feeling on your big day will make it the most special for you and your partner. Trust your taste buds.

Wedding Favors

For favors, it’s best to stick with your wedding theme. But if you’re working within a budget, consider creating centerpieces made of small pots of flowers or mason jars. Even better make cake pops for each place setting for your guests, everyone loves something sweet!  Remember, these can double up as favors for your guests to take home!


Bear in mind your guest list. Granny and Grandpa may not be down with Jay-Z but they might enjoy a live band. It’s always best to start off with soft, crowd-pleasing music, before picking out the DJ, when everyone has had one too many glasses of champagne. Find a balance and have fun!

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