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Straight vs. Curly, The Look of a New Year

hair types Nothing says a new year and new you like sexy, shiny hair!

But the thing that is often forgotten is that we all have different hair types! Not all of us have sleek, straight locks or perfectly spiraled curls, isn’t that right? So take your hair to new lengths for your next big night out (like NYE) with two ways to wear your hair: straight or curly.

Here are some DIY self tips from our friends at Enjoy Hair Care!

The Velvet Mane

silky straight

  • Tame coarse, curly hair by applying liberal amount of Straightener to damp hair.
  • Comb through and let the product do the work for you! Layer Intensive Hair and Skin Treatment Oil onto hair for dramatically reduced drying time and additional conditioning and smoothing benefits.
  • Work product through hair.
  • intensive hair and skin treatment oil Section and blow dry, using your fingers.
  • Once hair is dry, add shine and frizz control with Shine Spray.
  • Apply to a one to two inch section before flat ironing smooth.
  • Repeat until all hair has been smoothed.
  • Finish with more Shine Spray to lock in moisture and block out humidity.
  • Tame any remaining flyaways or frizz with Creamy Pomade.


  1. Apply Shaping Lotion to damp hair to define and texturize curls.
  2. Blow dry with a diffuser to achieve light, airy curls.
  3. Scrunch Spray Gel into hair to create lift, volume, texture and separation with tremendous shine and hold.


long wavy hair CURLY GIRLY shaping lotion

  1. For easy detangling and color preservation, spritz Conditioning Spray onto clean, damp hair.
  2. Apply Shaping Lotion cocktailed with Strong Holding Gel for volume, definition and shine.
  3. Comb through.
  4. Working in one to two inch sections, set hair in rollers.
  5. Apply heat until hair has dried.
  6. Remove rollers and gently tousle hair.
  7. Finish with Hair Spray for volume, shine and control.







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