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Stone Cold Fox

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By: Kristen Gunther
Westerly Boutique - Corona Del Mar
Photo: Allen Carrasco
& courtesy of Stone Cold Fox

In a neighborhood dominated by surf apparel, Stone Cold Fox offers a taste of vintage luxury without sacrificing the coastal wearability characteristic of Orange County fashion.

Who Is Stone Cold Fox?

With a sultry, self-assured name like Stone Cold Fox, you might be surprised when you meet the sweet, shy face behind the brand. A 24-year-old Orange County resident, Cydney Morris is the talented designer behind SCF , developing the look and feel of each piece of clothing produced at her tiny Laguna Beach studio. Her other half, Dallas Wand, is the vivacious strategic marketing and public relations force driving the brand. The two fresh-faced blondes have been best friends since second grade when they met in the father-daughter program, Indian Princesses. Growing up together and sharing family vacations, Cydney and Dallas were, and remain to be, connected at the hip. Their shared loved of fashion was evident from an early age, with a developed sense of personal style before even hitting middle school. No one could have guessed that their then adorable affinity for clothing as tots would transcend into a successful future in fashion.

Getting Schooled

Following high school, Cydney h eaded north to attend California College of the Arts in San Francisco and pursue her fervor for fashion. There she began to hone her skills and sense of style while further rooting her love for design. In fact, it was Cydney’s senior project, a collection of self-designed and sewn clothing pieces, which would later become the foundation for Stone Cold Fox. Meanwhile, Dallas was in Los Angeles attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM ) to study Merchandise Marketing. Four years and two degrees later, the friends returned to Orange County to figure out their next steps.

Finding Their Path

Post graduation, like many college grads, the thought of being locked up in a cubicle from 9 to 5 was far from appealing. Instead, they decided to take a gamble and do their own thing. Sharing the same unique sense of style and free-spirited nature along with a mutual understanding of one another’s vision, drive and work ethic, Cydney and Dallas began creating their own clothing.

A Stone Cold Fox is Born

Stone Cold Fox was born with the mission to take the delicacy of vintage clothing and make it fresh again. With this concept, SCF was launched in June of 2009. Vintage-inspired, subtly sexy, and a little bit bohemian, the clothing line has found a home in trendy boutiques and a following with in-the-know fashionistas across the country. With exceptional attention paid to fabric quality, each Stone Cold F ox item is crafted with the finest materials. Dallas and Cydney’s discriminating taste in fabric stems from a belief that clothing should feel as good as it looks. Along with lace and velvet, the fabric that has become a mainstay of the line is an uber-smooth, silk-washed fabric mimicking the feel of a buttery-soft suede. This touchability also lends to the easy-to-wear factor unique to the brand. Since all of the designs boast loose, flowy structures, each piece offers an effortless elegance. And, everything in the line is one size fits most, taking the guessing game out of finding the right size when shopping. Like many other forward-thinking brands and companies, SCF makes use of local and ecofriendly materials whenever possible. Everything is purchased and made in Southern California, resulting in frequent changes in fabric according to what is available. Sort of like picking out vegetables at a farmers market…. you are offered what is fresh and seasonal. “The way we change fabrics also encourages each garment to be more ‘one of a kind.’ You definitely won’t see another girl in the same dress as yours,” says Cydney. The pair is also very conscientious about avoiding waste; leftover scraps of material are utilized to ensure they are not unnecessarily throwing fabric away. The same philosophy is applied to how they package and ship their clothing, using as little extra packing material as they can while still ensuring the clothing arrives in beautiful condition. Stone Cold Fox also offers custom-made clothing; a service that has been incredibly popular among the brand’s cult followers.

 Making A Name

Lady Botanica is the brand’s most recent collection, boasting an array of Spanish Romance inspired flirty, floral-trimmed and botanically influenced fabrics. From the sweetly childlike Lady Lupe Bloomers to the sha melessly sexy Don Juan Dress, their recent launch has continued the momentum of the brand among Stone Cold Fox devotees. Last season, the Gypsy Decay lineup made a bold statement with inspiration drawn from desert, taxidermy and decay, using the archaic gypsies as their muses. “A lot of our inspiration was drawn from our travels through Bali. This one street we found had the most amazing fabrics and carved bull heads,” says Dallas. The casually elegant Rose Dharma Dress and Drifter Blouse with a daring, deep v neckline (spotted on The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari) are among the best sellers in the Gypsy Decay Collection. And the launch that started it all, Foreign Cinema, set the tone for what Stone Cold Fox is all about. “This collection was birthed from my senior collection. It took over a year to nail down a look which now is our company’s aesthetic. It was a great starting point to grow from,” says Cydney. Conjured up from the drama and sex appeal of black and white French films, the looks that started it all offer a unique modern, hippy-chick California spin on luxurious vintage designs and their signature ultra-seductive low, open backs.

The Future of Stone Cold Fox

Looking forward, Stone Cold Fox has big plans. Their fourth collection is slated to launch first quarter of this year. Though no specific details have been given about the next collection, Cydney promises her customers will not be disappointed. 2011 also brings good news for the offbeat bride-to-be. Following the success of dressing her own sister’s wedding last November, Stone Cold Fox will offer made-to-order wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. By venturing into wedding apparel, Cydney hopes to reach out to fashion-forward brides looking for a non-traditional, vintage- meets-luxury aesthetic. Additionally, SCF will expand beyond clothing into home goods with what are sure to be the most stylishly indulgent pillows and throws for the high-browed homeowner.

“We enjoy decorating our living and work spaces just as much as designing the clothes that we wear. It seemed like a fresh and fun idea to add to the uniqueness of our label, SCF Home,” Cydney noted.

Despite lofty goals, the fashion moguls have every intention of keeping Stone Cold Fox a rare, hard to find label to be carried in high-end boutiques and specialty retailers. By keeping the brand small, they aim to offer impeccable quality and uncompromised attention to detail while adding to the intrigue behind their name. Highly sought after, precious in its existence and unforgivably sexy, seems to be the ingredients for the secret recipe behind Stone Cold Fox. Want more Stone Cold Fox? Visit their website at:

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