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Step-By-Step Gold Stud Nail Art Tutorial

Last week we showed you nail-art newbies a super simple tutorial that would make you look as talented as the gal who created it, Hawaii-based nail tech Jordie Mukai.

This week in Jordie’s three part nail series, we’re kicking it up a notch. This second tutorial has a difficulty level of moderate, and we think you can do it…

red, glitter and black swirl lines

Difficulty Level: Moderate

China Glaze in City of Siren and Silver Lining
Black Acrylic Paint
Base & Top Coat
Gold Studs are size 3mm
A stick (a wooden cuticle pusher or even BBQ kabob skewer)
(The acrylic paint and studs are basic art supplies you can buy at any art/craft supply store.)

Start by painting all your nails the corresponding colors.

Use your art brush to create the black lines.  Start from the point where you will place your stud, and draw your black lines out making it thicker as you paint out.

Add a dot of the base coat just to the areas where you will be placing the studs. Add a little base coat to the tip of a stick (like a BBQ stick) to help pick up your stud, and place it onto the nail where you added the base coat.

Apply nail glue over your studs and surrounding nail area for better adhesion for the stud to stay.  Wait till dry, and cover entire nail with top coat.

If you try this out, don’t forget to take a pic and tag us in it- we want to see! And if this was too easy and you want more of a challenge, come back next week for the expert level tutorial.

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