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Statement Pieces: Themes of 2012 Pinterest Edition

Designers and fashion houses really went all out this year. They tried a little bit of everything and the accessories that dotted the runways showed a lot of experimentation, innovation and diversity. Each year fashionista’s eagerly await the arrival of the latest collection and instantly adopt those must-have items into their wardrobe. So what themes worked as statement pieces this year? We turned to Pinterest for proof.

The tribal theme has been very popular this season. From dresses, bags, shoes and necklaces all were inspired by tribal elements. Having made it to runways across the globe. The fabrics are tribal in nature as well as the colors, and even the embellishments are ethnic with traditional weaving and bead-work techniques being employed.


Solid colors were also a trend this year. White, lime, mint and sky blue made a dashing appearance in very saturated, clean, glossy hues. The emphasis was on the color itself rather than the design elements.

Source: lookbook.nu via Health on Pinterest


White is back. This time white is featured in a very innocent classy light for sophisticated ladies. The designs are very lady-like, with lace, gold and silver detailing. Even seen in bows, clasps and straps.


Metallic theme is in stark contrast to the white collections. Sparkling silver tones dominate in designs that have an otherworldly feel, with spikes and pointy toes and architectural heels. Wearing the look can be a challenge for every day so keeping with a bold top or pair of shorts is also an alternative to the edgy theme.


An even bigger deviation from that trend is an obsession with flowers. The floral theme explodes onto the fashion scene yet again with big bold colors. We’ve seen it featured in skirts both long and short, handbags and shoes alike. In some cases, the fabric itself is floral while in most cases the detailing and embellishment is done by actual artificial flowers. Even the towering heels had flowers on them. The designers definitely had a flower fetish this year.



Renee Bertrand is a certified Professional Image Consultant, who specializes in working with corporations as well as individuals.


All images are individually credited from  Pinterest, featured image click link: http://pinterest.com/pin/534943261958154037/

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