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Start Scrapbooking your Memories of 2012

scrapbooking_girl A scrapbook is the perfect way to preserve your memories. Even better, after a wonderful 2012 year what better way than to reminisce of all the things that made each day and month, extra special.

How to Start your Scrapbook:

1. Supplies -

  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook Paper: Patterned and Monogram pages
  • Pens
  • Buttons
  • Stickers
  • Paper Shapers
  • Craft Punchers
  • Stamps
  • Shape Letters
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Glue

2. Print Photos

3. Gather other items, things you don’t want to lose or forget.

* Concert tickets

* Fortune Cookies

* Seashells

* Old family heirlooms

* Amusement park maps or entrance tickets

* Plane tickets

* Artifacts, Old Family Heirlooms, Vintage photos, favorite magazine clippings

scrapbooking Types of Memory Scrapbooks:

* Travel Collage: use old napkins, sugar packets, vintage maps, distinct historical or geographical places and photographs. Lay them out to show your trip in images that is almost 3-D like a movie.

* Summer Memories: From Disneyland to your local water park, use this scrapbook to high light your family, friends or trip and fun days. Use markers, stickers and picture frame borders for design.

* Day in the Life: Each day, take a photo, like an “Instagram” of your days but in images that tell a story of your life that  you can print and remember for years to come.

* Ribbon, Envelopes and Pop-Out Notes: Make this scrapbook unique in that it is touch-y feel-y and has texture just like the vibrant & exciting year you had.

* Best Meals of {Year}: If you prepared recipes and saved images or jotted down on small pieces of paper or post-it notes, use this for the inspiration to your year scrapbook. From an image of your fancy plate in New Orleans to your quick beach side brunch in Los Angeles, write down what you had and what made it so special.

* A Year in Cards Scrapbook: Using all the cards given to you throughout the year, take pieces, writing and images from your photo collection to construct your year in memories, cards and writing.







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