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Spring Beauty Trends 2013

Step into Spring - What are the 2013 Beauty Trends?
It’s time to say goodbye to the winter weather! With that said, put away your deep, bold lip stick and warm dark eye shadows and opt for a bouquet of pastels for this season’s Spring Beauty Trends 2013. Just like your Pinterest feed- colors of cool mint, canary yellow and soft peach tastefully adorn stores and makeup counters alike. Therefore, choosing a Spring beauty trend that best fits your daily routine will go hand in hand with the cool spring months ahead.

Must-Have Beauty Essentials:

Luminous Lips

Light lips can say it all, with one classic color choice: Nude. Wearing a nude lip color is ideal because it works for both day and night, allowing you the ability to change up your appearance by toning your makeup up or down a notch.

For day, we recommend a sunkissed look of soft shadows on eyes while dazzling your cheekbones with shimmering bronzer. Thus, deepen the look with a deeper color palette on your lids and extended lashes for evening. For either day or night your nude lips color in either a matte finish or a gloss will allow you to extenuate your hair to go with it. Having lighter lips means you can play around a bit by brightening your clothing, going bigger with your hair and a bit more daring with your full length lashes no matter what time of day.

Effortless Eyes

Your eyes can speak volumes about your look with just one glance. Awaken your overall appearance by trying a splash of color but nothing overbearing. Apply a highlighter below your brows and near the center of yours eyes, we prefer a champagne or cream. Then lightly dab pale blue or lavender eye shadow across yours lids. With an effortless stroke you will have a subtle yet fresh and modern hint of spring that is vibrant but not too rash.

Fabulous Full Lashes

But what’s a girl to do with her lashes? Full lashes are a MUST no matter what season. For spring, models are walking the runway with a dramatic accentuated effect. A great way to get this look is to try a lash extender like Latisse. This product is a gradual treatment that guarantees fuller lashes overtime. Having fuller lashes can either be natural or extreme depending on how you apply your makeup. Therefore, as you set out for a quick trip to the mall or that happy hour downtown a dab of mascara and the correct lash extender will give you sexy, thicker lashes that will enhance your eyes an effortless effect this season.

Mix & Match Hair

With so many funky, artsy hair-do’s it is simple to get lost in the crowd. But stick to a hairstyle that is forever timeless like these four trends: stick straight hair (long or short), braids in every assortment, low ponytails and last but certainly not least; rock n’ roll waves that scream chic and edgy. You can add a zest of spring to your wardrobe by compiling prints and textures that are refreshingly sound, like chiffon camisoles, ankle length colored denim and floral accessories.

Last but not least…Nails

If you aren’t already obsessed with nail art, than this is your time to try a hip & easy montage with endless colors to choose from. Nails are the cherry on top to your ideal Spring 2013 look! Just like plucking your favorite ranunculus, grab nail colors that stand out like shades of rose, periwinkle, butter yellow, light mint, lime green and soft aqua.


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