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Sports Illustrated Model Chrissy Teigen on Being ‘Well’

Girl crush confession- Chrissy Teigen. Besides for being totally gorgeous, married to John Legend, and absolutely hilarious (Do you follow her on Instagram? Do it now.), she’s super down to earth. Proof: we recently wrote about 8 celebs who posted REAL selfies on Instagram, and were obsessed with Chrissy’s stretch mark realism. 

Her latest endeavor is a food blog (SoDelushious.com) that you’re going to want to visit since one look at Chrissy will give you a serious case of “we’ll have what she’s having.” That also goes for her life advice in general- we’ll do what she’s doing. So to find out how she stays well and in shape, follow the link below. 

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Photos: MJ Photos / PRPhotos.com

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