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Day in San Francisco

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Fairmont Hotel The "hotel so grand they built a city around it". Learn More
The Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar Step inside the Nob Hill Tiki Bar that has delighted visitors since 1945. Learn More
The Cable Car Museum Discover the 19th century technology that keeps those little cars humming. Learn More
PIER 39 Wander, shop and dine at the historic waterfront attraction. Learn More
Ghirardelli Square As crooked as it is beautiful, Lombard Street must be experienced to be appreciated. Learn More
Haight Ashbury Visit the still thriving district where The Summer of Love began. Learn More
Lombard Street As crooked as it is beautiful, Lombard Street must be experienced to be appreciated. Learn More
Ellision Herb Shop Meet the China Town herbalist to discover the century old pharmacy with ancient herbal remedies. Learn More
Izzie’s Steak & Chops Find out why S.F. locals covet this culinary gem. Learn More
Forbes Island Get a port hole view of the one-of-a-kind underwater restaurant. Learn More

San Francisco is so much more than a breathtakingly beautiful city on the Northern California coast. It is a state of mind, an attitude, and a cultural touch stone. The epitome of sophisticated cool, San Francisco’s effect on the  world cannot be minimized.

Memorialized in song and romanticized in film, the City by the Bay looms larger than life with an unmistakable aura that touches and colors pop culture, literature, cinema, music, fashion, and cuisine.  The town is known for social tolerance, acceptance of free thinking and all forms of innovation. It is no small coincidence that phrases like Love in, Be in, and Keep On Truckin’ were born there or that tie dye, sideburns and bell bottoms were created by San Franciscans during the catalytic Summer of Love long before they were embraced by Madison Avenue or strutted down the catwalks of  Milan, New York and Paris. A hotbed of technology, San Francisco is home to a myriad of tech pioneers who live and play in its eclectic neighborhoods, travel the short distance to their Silicon Valley labs and create products, software and an ever-evolving spectrum of social  media tools that connect us to each other and to the world. More than a majestic orange bridge or “where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars,” the city is truly the sum of all of its magnificent parts, colorful history and  world bending attitude.

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