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Skin Care Advice for All Ages

Most women & men have one thing in common- the need to find the right skin care tips. Starting younger and being more aware helps to prevent early aging and have glowing, healthy skin.

Start Young

Mothers are aware that skin care should start from infancy. In order to keep the infant’s skin clean, soft and healthy, daily skin care comprises clinically tested products such as soap, body oil, cream, and lotion, all mild and balanced to nurture delicate skin. Regular skin care will also encourage children to follow a proper beauty regimen as they grow older. Teenagers usually have skin problems due to hormonal changes and improper lifestyles. For them regular skin care is a must. Teenagers with oily skin usually suffer from acne, and this problem should not be neglected. Pimples should neither be picked nor squeezed because both actions leave marks on the skin. Instead, the following skin care regimen should be applied: a young person should regularly use cleanser, toner, and moisturizer until the problem disappears.

During Pregnancy

Women should take special care during and after pregnancy. Rough stretch marks and skin sagging may be prevented by oil or cream massage. Try cocoa butter or lotions that contain vitamin E or almond oil.

Aging Gracefully

Older women should regularly apply day or night cream, eye cream, and anti-wrinkle cream to reduce the effects of aging. Special masks can help avoiding age-related skin problems. When skin care is in question, men’s choice would be a vast array of pre-shaving oils, shaving gels, and post-shaving moisturizers. There are also skin rejuvenators and scrubs exclusively manufactured for men. Since men are likely to spend a considerable amount of time out during the day, they need to use a sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher to protect their skin from harmful UV radiation. To look younger and stay healthy, both men and women may use either natural or cosmetic products of their own choice. Proper skin care has to be followed with a nutritious, low-fat diet and sufficient intake of water, as well as avoidance of stress and adequate sleep.

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