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Simple, Fuss-free Fall Tanning Tips

Can we all agree that summer just flew by?! Pretty soon the days will get a little shorter and our tans lines will quickly fade but that doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice a golden glow! Here are a few tips and tricks to stay hot and tan all fall and winter long:

+ Mix half lotion, half self-tanner for a more natural glow for fall. My favorite self-tanner is Banana Boat Summer Color in Deep Dark.

+ I like regular self-tanner over gradual self-tanner because I don’t have to reapply ever day! I mean… who has time for that ;) Instead apply self-tanner every 2-3 days!

+ Remember to always exfoliate before applying self-tanner especially the knees, elbows and ankles!

+ For best results use 10-15 minutes after showering.

+Since you won’t be wearing a bikini you can get away with just apply self-tanner to your legs and arms. Blend with more lotion to create a more natural tan line around your hips and shoulders.

+ Afraid of self-tanner? Apply matte bronzer with a large fluff brush to your chest and arms. My favorite bronzer to use is NYX Matte Body Bronzer.

Are you planning on keeping a tan this fall?

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