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Shirley Temple - America’s Little Darling



In Honor of America’s Little Darling – Shirley Temple
Tap-dancing her way into our hearts, curly-haired darling Shirley Temple is arguably the most iconic child star in the history of Hollywood. This ringlet-touting starlet made everyone smile during depression-era films with such classics as “Bright Eyes”, “Curly Top”, “Poor Little Rich Girl”, and “The Little Princess”. With her lovable dimples, upbeat persona, and heart-warming acting, singing and dancing talents, Shirley Temple will remain America’s Sweetheart forever.

Health Beauty Life had the pleasure of sampling the iconic drink that shares her name, “The Shirley Temple” at the amazing Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Experience the wonder of Hawaii’s pink palace and learn to master this signature “mocktail”.

During the Great Depression Shirley Temple was often credit for warming the hearts and minds with her addictive dimples and smile during a time that had brought so much misfortune and economic strife to so many.  President Roosevelt praised her calling her “Little Miss Miracle” for her ability to bring up the moral of the general public during such troubling times.

By her late teens Temple’s on-screen demand wavered and by 1950 she announced her retirement.  She married John Agar, a sergeant in the Army Air Corp, but after the birth of their daughter, Linda, the pair parted ways.  Temple wed Charles Aden Black, a WWII United States Navy Intelligence Officer, in December of 1950 and they stayed together happily married until his passing in 2005.

After a venture into television, Temple Black followed a path into politics. She was appointed by President Nixon to the 24th United Nations General Assembly and became the Ambassador to Ghana under President Ford in 1974.  Two years later, Temple was appointed to be the first female Chief of Protocol of the United States and was later appointed by G.W. Bush to serve as the United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia from 1989 - 1992.

A breast cancer survivor, Shirley Temple Black died of natural causes in her Woodside, California, home on February 10, 2014 at the age of 85.


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