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Seattle -The Shimmering Emerald City

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Welcome to the great Pacific Northwest, known for its crisp air, high-reaching mountains and lush green landscape. In this upper left corner of the nation, Seattle is truly one of the best places to experience such natural magnificence.

Named after Chief Si’ahl of the local Duwamish and Suquamish tribes, Seattle was originally known as a logging town and shipbuilding center. Its history dates back to early settlers and industry pioneers of the late 19th century and has a past that is as colorful as any Wild West settlement.

Today this gem on Puget Sound is a bustling city as famous for its eco-friendly ways and art-infused souls as for its reputation as a launch pad for technology. Industry leaders and groundbreaking innovators such as Boeing, Microsoft, Expedia, and UPS took flight in Seattle, as did retail giants Nordstroms, Eddie Bauer and Amazon, and coffee franchise Starbucks.

On the music scene, Seattle is known as the home of Jimmy Hendrix and Heart but also is the epicenter of the grunge genre with local groups such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden, and Alice in Chains. Many of these bands also got their start through local independent label, Sub Pop. Seattle also boasts a very current rap and hip-hop scene with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis topping the charts this year. There’s also a lot of jazz history that helped launch the early careers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, and others.


Visit Seattle

Start off your tour of this great city at Seattle Center, the site of the 1962 World’s Fair. Enjoy the view from above at the Space Needle, grab a bite at the SkyCity Restaurant and then wander the grounds of this striking 74-acre center.  Stop off at the International Fountain and then stroll through impressive and eye-catching venues like Chihuly Garden and Glass, EMP Museum, Gates Foundation Visitor Center, the Pacific Science Center, and more.

While in the mode of museum hopping, head up to the South Lake Union area and stop by the Museum of History and Industry, or MOHAI, for a deep dive into the past.

Attracting visitors and locals alike, Pike Place Market is a top destination for the area. One of the oldest continually operating farmer’s market in the country, look forward to fresh fish and produce as well as abundant arts and crafts, and goods from around the world. Grab a cup of joe at the original Starbucks or enjoy any of the amazing nearby restaurants such as Le Pichet, Café Campagne, and Place Pigalle Restaurant & Bar, to name a few.

One of oldest neighborhoods in Seattle, Pioneer Square once housed the original skid row and had no shortage of saloons and brothels to support the pioneer milling industry. Now it offers a neighborhood filled with art galleries, shops, restaurants, clubs, and bars. For a walk through history, be sure and take the Underground Tour to explore the now subterranean storefronts of the original neighborhood.

No trip to this city is complete without wandering along the waterfront. Head down to the Seattle Aquarium on Pier 59, stroll Waterfront Park, take a spin on the Great Wheel at Pier 57 or even catch a ferry to neighboring Tillikum Village or Bainbridge Island.

While in town, be sure and sample Seattle’s famous cuisine with farm-to-table ingredients and a synthesis of local and international flavors that are best served paired with award-winning native wines. Also, take the time to venture out and explore all of the unique neighborhoods for a true taste of all things Seattle, as they serve up personalities and offerings as diverse as the local landscape. From eclectic Fremont, vibrant and trendy Capitol Hill, and always humming University district to the Scandinavian charm of Ballard and the diversity of the International district, the greater Seattle area has something for everyone!


Unlike its reputation, it actually does not rain all the time in Seattle. It actually gets less rainfall on average than Boston, New York, and Atlanta. Most days in the late fall through spring offer no more than cloudy skies and a drizzle while most summer days are typically sunny and bright.

Metropalitian Grill_1
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle’s Classic Steakhouse

If you find yourself in Seattle with a craving for a good steak, make your way down to Metropolitan Grill. Located in the heart of the financial district and nestled in the historic Marion Building, the restaurant is frequented by celebrities and industry big wigs. Why are they so popular with those in the know? Once you have had a taste of their mouthwatering steaks, you’ll understand.

From beginning to end, the focus is on quality. As Executive Chef Eric Hellner explains, “We do a lot of research and homework on…what we felt was going to be the best beef program in the country”. They begin by sourcing the meat from high quality farms selected for the way they feed and treat their animals. But the real secret is in the preparation; all of the meat is dry aged, prepped with some of the strictest cutting standards in the industry and seasoned with the restaurant’s signature (and top secret!) E3 seasoning.

Not only are their steaks impeccable – their service and atmosphere are hard to beat. Servers adorned in crisp white jackets are there to ensure your experience is one of a kind. As Chef Heller states, “You are able to come in and just enjoy yourself; have really high quality food, high quality service just have a good time and know that you are going to be able to be comfortable just being yourself in here”.

And if that weren’t enough to convince you to put this on your “must do” list, the restaurant sources most of their vegetables in season from local farmers. Since nothing pairs better with a great cut of meat than a fantastic glass of wine, Metropolitan Grill has gone the distance to ensure your pairing is perfection. The restaurant’s wine menu is carefully crafted by Wine Director Noel Doty.

So the next time you find yourself planning a trip to the Emerald City, add this restaurant to your list of must-eat locations. But be sure to plan ahead because we weren’t kidding about the restaurant’s popularity – Metropolitan Grill recommends that you reserve a table at least 7 days in advance.

Metropolitan Grill
820 Second Avenue
Seattle, Washington 98104
(206) 624-3287

By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson
Photos: Allen Carrasco

The restaurant sources their meat from Snake River Farms and Washington beef, both of which work with Temple Grandin to ensure a safe and humane treatment of animals on a daily basis.
“We have our own dry age room, which is very important – each steak is dry aged to remove some of that moisture and get that intense beef flavor.”
-Executive Chef Eric Hellner


American Wagyu Ribeye (long bone), asparagus with brown butter, almonds and citrus, and roasted poblano scalloped potatoes.
Chef Eric Hellner

Most of the produce used at Metropolitan Grill comes from local farms.

The Marion building, where Metropolitan Grill is located.

The ambiance at Metropolitan Grill is nothing short of warm and inviting.

kenmore-air Need a break from sightseeing? Try flightseeing!

Soaring high above the Seattle skyline is Kenmore Air, one of the largest and most well respected seaplane operations in the world. Founded by three high school friends who reunited after WWII, this well-known company has offered an airborne perspective of the Northwest since 1946 under the simple yet powerful philosophy of “do the right thing.”
Passengers aboard one of Kenmore Air’s twenty-five planes begin their experience with an exhilarating water takeoff. Every seat aboard the seaplanes have a window view, ensuring that all travelers have an unobstructed view of the city, waterfronts, mountains, stadiums, and campuses below. These 20-minute tours are narrated, making the experience not only memorable, but also educational.

In the 68 years since the company’s inception, Kenmore Air has become far more than just a tour company. You can dodge the hustle and bustle of large airports with Kenmore’s daily departures to over 45 Northwest destinations, touching down on lakes and harbors.

Should you find yourself in Seattle between the months of April and October, be sure to seize the opportunity to take part in Kenmore’s whale watching tours. This all-inclusive experience charters passengers on the forty-minute flight to San Juan Island where small groups board a 55-foot whale-watching vessel. The chance of seeing the notorious Orca (or killer whale) is an astounding 90%.

Whether it be for scenic views, efficient transportation, or a thirst for adventure, make certain to add Kenmore Air to your Seattle itinerary. You’ll never look at Seattle the same.

Kenmore Air
6321 NE 175th Street
Kenmore, Washington 98028
(866) 435-9524

Article By: Nicole Walker
Photos: Allen Carrasco and Kenmore Air


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