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Q & A with Rose of Makeup By Rose XOXO

We’ve spent literally hours combing over Rose Siard of Makeup By Rose XOXO‘s Instagram day after day swooning over her gorgeous skin and insanely perfect photography…plus her highlighting  is flawless!  Thankfully this singer/songwriter, designer, and MUA is as sweet as she is stunning, and totally indulged us as with some of her trade secrets.

HBL: You’ve evolved from doing makeup for stage performances to being one the baddest MUA’s in the game. How did you refine your talent to be what it is today?
Rose: Thank you! You have to wear a lot of makeup on stage and since I sing, it has to move as your whole face is contorted at times. Not very pretty! So I took that and amped it up about 10 notches.

HBL: How long does it take you to complete full blown makeup from start to finish?
Rose: I spend no longer than 45 min on my looks. Once in a while my cat Judah irritates me with wanting to lay in front of me and drink my tea and that makes it take longer.

HBL: How do you come up with a new look? Is there an in-depth process or do you just ini mini miny moe with the products in front of you?
Rose: Every morning I sit in front of my mirror and I say a little prayer then I go to work. Sometimes I lay out what I want to do the night before, and sometimes I just start grabbing stuff.

HBL: What foundation would you recommend to make any skins type flawless?
Rose: I wear Cover FX mostly. They have shades for every skin color and the formulas for every skin type.

HBL: We’re jealous of your inner corner highlight! How do you get it so bright & beautiful?
Rose: Layers, lots of layers. You can go on my YouTube channel and see exactly how I do it. I keep no secrets.

HBL: What is your ride or die lipstick that you just can’t live without?
Rose: Any nude. A girl just can’t go wrong with a nude no matter the makeup or where she is going. Anastasia liquid lipstick in Pure Hollywood is in every handbag I own.

HBL: What is your trick for such gorgeous selfies?!
Rose: Thank you for thinking my selfies are gorgeous. The trick to any photograph is lighting. I use the Sony Nex6 camera and a Stellar Lighting Systems diva ring light.


HBL: What inspired you to design turbans?
Rose: What inspired me to design turbans was my make up regime. My hair is very long and I clip it up on top of my head most of the time. but the little curly hairs kept getting into my foundation, so out of necessity I was given a beautiful frame for my face.

HBL: If you weren’t a MUA, designing for your turban business, OR singing, what would you be doing for a living?
Rose: I really love putting outfits together. So I would be a Fashion Stylist. But I also really love animals, so maybe a zoo keeper. Could I combine the two jobs?!

HBL: What is your favorite part of being a Social Media Makeup Artist?
Rose: Talking to my friends on Instagram about makeup. And knowing if I went to any state or overseas I would have a friend.


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