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Rosa Blasi: The Real Deal

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By: Kiki Gee for Health Beauty Life
Photo: Allen Carrasco

The beautiful Rosa Blasi is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words “jock itch” but that is exactly the title of her new book. Chronicling her misadventures as a former pro athlete addict, Jock Itch is her comedic memoir as witty and self-deprecating as the actress herself. Now retired from jersey-chasing, Rosa keeps busy promoting her new book, playing Ronnie Cruz on ABC’s Make it or Break It and keeping up with regular appearances on shows such as Dr. Drew and Jimmy Kimmel. Despite her packed schedule, the in-demand actress and author spent the afternoon with us to talk everything from getting red carpet glam to curing her jock addiction, making us laugh until we were blue in the face the whole time.

10 QUESTIONS with Rosa Blasi:

  1. What is your book, Jock Itch, about? It’s a comedic memoir about the hilarious and often embarrassing events that led me to seek athlete sobriety. It’s also a journey through low self esteem and the result of questionable choices. Women will appreciate themselves in that we all have a “what was I thinking?!?” dating experience in our past.
  2. On your website, you describe your past experience with jockaholism? What is that and does that really exist? It may exist, although I’ve never done a conclusive study. Some women are out there trying to define themselves as a trophy wife or just looking to win the sperm lotto. For me, I very much always have had my own career. I’ve always been incredibly independent. In some ways, that’s great…in other ways…..I’m now being asked to pay the child support. For me, that “jockaholic” quality was the addiction to the competitive nature of being in a monogamous relationship and eventually a marriage to pro athletes. When life got all “Jerry Springer” on me, it was time to take a good hard look in the mirror….and then laugh. The book is mostly fun and funny. I make the biggest ass of myself, not necessarily others.
  3. What qualities do you now look for in a guy? HONESTY and that pheromone rush. But mostly honesty.
  4. Can you share a funny tidbit from your book? There’s a lot of goofiness in the book. Lucille Ball meets a lobotomy. Whether it was mailing puppy testicles (post neutering) to a boyfriend who claimed he “didn’t have any balls to tell me when he was unfaithful,” a super TMI time at a Maxim shoot when I was supposed to be “sexy” but couldn’t have felt more disgusting due to some ingested chocolate laxatives. Or, having my divorce diary stolen, Xeroxed, and used as a court exhibit. Specifically the page that read “I wonder if my vagina is stretched out” (post baby).
  5. What is the single best piece of dating advice you can give? Go with your gut. Don’t justify the red flags. If he is a cheater, it’s probably not a “this one time at band camp” situation….he’s just a cheater. Accept it. Or leave.
  6. How do you balance being an actress, single mom, and now a book author?  Well, the only beauty of divorce is that when my daughter is at her dad’s for his custodial visits, THAT’S when I can write, schedule most meetings, take care of things. I just got a babysitter for the first time when she was 4.

  7. How do you stay in such great shape? Chad Mouton. Google him. He has trained everyone from Paul McCartney to Vanessa Marcil (General Hospital).
  8. Any quirky pre-red carpet rituals? Just try hard as hell to remember if I have worn it, and maybe spray tan so I don’t look like any character from Twilight.
  9. You have amazing hair… any secrets? Yes, just clip it in. Most of it belongs to someone else. Smoke and mirrors…. fake hair. And having an outstanding colorist is worth the money.
  10. What’s next for you? Just did a pilot for FOX called “I Hate My Teenage Daughter” and am now waiting to hear if it is going to be a new series. It was the most fun I have ever had filming. I am in awe of the writers (co-executive producers of a little show you may have heard of….called Friends) and Jamie Presley. Fingers crossed. The hours… would be a dream for being able to raise my kid and work!

Red Carpet Ready

To keep herself looking pretty, polished and red carpet-ready during marathon long days spent promoting her new book, actress/author Rosa Blasi turns to hair artist extraordinaire, Romi Cortier. Romi turned to some A-list approved volumizing products with a little bit of help from some custom hair extensions to keep this starlet looking lively from morning to night. First, Romi cleansed and conditioned Rosa’s fine strands with HBL Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner. After towel-drying and combing, he spritzed on HBL Spray Mousse throughout her hair to create lift, volume, texture and separation. Next, he applied ENJOY Spray Gel to add further lift with a flexible hold. Romi then blow dried using a large round brush to create volume and movement throughout her hair.

Once dried, Romi turned to one of the biggest red carpet hair secrets: hair pieces. After color matching and cutting to blend with Rosa’s natural hair, Romi applied clip-in hair pieces by parting her hair about 2/3 of the way down the back of her head, then backcombing at the scalp to give the clips something to hold onto. Once attached, Romi teased her at the root and finished with a mist of ENJOY Hair Spray.

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