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Classic Caipirinha Cocktail - Brazil’s National Drink

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REI_DO_GADO_COCKTALE_WB_BNR_OLD_SITE After one sip, you can certainly see why this cocktail is considered by many to be the National Cocktail of
Brazil. But don’t let our cocktail recipe limit you – San Diego’s Rei do Gado restaurant also serves fruited variation on the classic, including strawberry, pineapple and mango. So let you cravings be your guide and make your own twist on this classic concoction.

1 Lowball (old-fashioned) glass
4 lime wedges (approx. half of a lime)
1-2tbs. granulated sugar
Cubed ice
2-3oz Cachaça (Sugar Cane Hard Liquor)

Place lime wedges and sugar in the bottom of the cocktail glass and mash with a cocktail muddler until
the sugar has dissolved into the lime juice. Add a handful of cubed ice and top with Cachaça to fill the
glass. Cover with a shaker and vigorously shake cocktail until combined. Serve and ENJOY!

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