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Real Life Food Diaries: Fashion Editors

This might sound a little weird, but we’re nothing if not honest with our readers: we are totally and completely intrigued by what other women eat. It doesn’t matter if it’s a model, a cerfitied nutritionist, or just the girl in the next cubicle, reading another women’s food diary is almost as captivating as an episode of Scandal. Not only can we not help but compare our own diets to others’, but it gives us meal inspo when we’re in a kale salad rut, potentially healthy habits to copy, and sometimes it even makes us feel a little less guilty about our own edible transgression (so we AREN’T the only ones who attack the bread basket and wash it down with wine- phew). 

The women at Byrdie feel the same way, and asked their colleagues at Who What Wear to record a typical daily menu of their fashion editors. It might not be what you expect…

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