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Ranch 616: Capturing Tastes and Flavors of Texas

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Founded by Chef and Owner Kevin Williamson over 15 years ago, the restaurant was inspired by the Ice Houses in south Texas where hunters would bring their game to be dressed and packed, whether wild boar, venison or beef.

RANCH_616_MEAL In this tradition, Ranch 616 features a variety of proteins that represent Texas fauna from the Gulf Coast to the hill country, served up in a typically untypical Austin restaurant that defies definition and screams eclectic individualism while promising to deliver an experience that is delicious as it is unique.

Together with Chef Tony, Chef Kevin created a menu that is not Tex-Mex and not Southern, but rather, is a fusion that merges the tastes and flavors found across the great state of Texas. In addition to their extensive lunch and supper menus (with dishes such as Jalapeno Maize Trout and Texas Back Angus Rib eye,) the restaurant also produces seasonal and daily dinner specials, inspired and sourced from local market finds.

Everything is big in Texas.

True to form, Ranch 616 features a Texas-sized Tequila and Mezcal list featuring over 47 varieties, along with an extensive selection of wines, beers and handcrafted cocktails, to compliment any of their signature dishes and entrée’s.

When it comes to selecting proteins for the restaurant, Chef Tony is certainly the right man for the (meat) job. Serving not only on the Texas Beef Council, he’s recently become a United States Meat Export Chef, where he travels the world teaching other cultures his techniques for the proper preparation for various cuts of meat.

From quail to trout and everything in between, the menu’s flavors are as eclectic as the décor.

From quail to trout and everything in between, the menu’s flavors are as eclectic as the décor.

From Grilled Duck Breast with Chinese 5 Spice, Bok Choy and Ban Bang Thai Noodles to Ancho Honey Glazed Pork with Poblano Mashed Potatoes with Pico de Gallo, all of the flavors in each dish perfectly complement the accompanying proteins and vegetables.

Once you taste the food, experience the ambiance and meet the staff (who make everyone feel like regulars), it is easy to understand what makes this place so popular. In fact, the restaurant’s signature tomatillo sauce is in such demand that the restaurant will soon begin bottling and selling it to eager fans (old and new) across the country.

If that is just not enough, and you want to treat yourself to a real Ranch 616 menu, the staff and crew are available for catering ANYWHERE. If you cannot bring yourself to Ranch 616, then check out the catering page on their website to learn more about brining Ranch 616 to you! To learn even more about the restaurant, or to make reservations check out their website, www.TheRanch616.com.


Make reservations for Ranch 616 through OpenTable.com.

Health Beauty Life Publisher, Patrick Dockry and Chef Tony got to spend some time in the kitchen preparing two of the restaurant’s most popular dishes: Sugar Cured Quail and Texas Black Rib eye accompanied with fresh enchiladas and tomatillo sauce and sautéed vegetables….and, Chef Tony was kind enough to share the recipe (minus a couple of secret ingredients) with our readers.

Launch the video, head to the kitchen, and whip up a little Ranch 616 sugar-cured Quail and Texas Rib Eye of your own! As Chef Tony likes to say…Buen Provencho!


By: Kerri-Lynn Swanson

Photos: Allen Carrasco and Courtesy of Ranch 616

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