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RainCatcher.org - Working to solve the Global Water Crisis


Coupling the ancient art of rainwater harvesting with today’s advanced water filtration technology, RainCatcher.org grants access to affordable, sustainable and safe drinking water to developing countries. Although 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water, almost 800 million people don’t have access to water clean enough to drink. According to this growing non-profit, over 6,000 people perish from the earth every day because of waterborne diseases, 4,500 of which are children under the age of five.

In less than three minutes, RainCatcher can implement a sure-fire solution by simply catching rain and filtering it. Schools, churches and other existing buildings easily become efficient raincatchers with the addition of gutters, tanks and filters. In areas where rain is not abundant, this innovative system can clean and filter even the dirtiest water on the spot including existing contaminated sources. There are no wells required, no pumps, no electricity, and no irrigation systems.

The key to this simple approach is a special filter copied from a design for the medical industry for kidney dialysis. The filter is a hollow membrane consisting of thousands of tiny tubes with ultrafine pinprick holes, each measuring .1 microns in diameter. A cholera molecule, for example, is .5 microns in size and cannot fit through holes so small. These high tech filters connect to an intake funnel and strain out harmful microorganisms from the water. Bacteria infested water goes in and clean, safe, and ready to drink water comes out. And, according to the manufacturer, if maintained properly with regular back flushing, these life-saving filters can last indefinitely.

Spreading the Word

Since 2009, RainCatcher has provided access to clean drinking water to more than 750,000 people in Africa, India and Haiti. They have equipped over 80 schools, hospitals and churches with rainwater harvesting systems throughout some of the poorest areas and have donated over 14,000 clean water filters to date. RainCatcher also teaches communities in affected areas to pay it forward by educating locals how to install and maintain the filters and holding tanks. Once trained, they are encouraged to share the solution with other villages so even more people will have access to clean water.

‘‘There is no shortage of water given by nature only a shortage of water being received efficiently by us.” Mark Armfield, RainCatcher Founder and Chairman

Solving the Problem

According to RainCatcher.org, the world water shortage is a solvable problem. Completely supported by private and corporate contributions, a $50 donation can provide 100 people in need with a million gallons of clean drinking water.

For more information or to make a donation, visit: RainCatcher.org.

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