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Quick Christmas Party Gift- Wine!

Bringing a bottle of wine to party is a simple and often affordable way of saying ‘thank-you’ to the host of the party you attend. As well as being very polite, it acknowledges your contribution while enjoying the festivities.

First things first – determine your bottle budget. You won’t want to break the bank for your bottle of wine, but you also won’t want to insult your guest by giving them cheap fizz. For your convenience, we’ve compiled some steps you can take to select the perfect bottle of wine for your guest, insuring another invite and a great night!

Step 1 – Wine Lists

From “Wine Spectator” to “Wine Enthusiast”, there are a number of places that provide lists of the most budget friendly bottles, and even different selections of wine to suit different parties. Browse these sites to get yourself familiarized with the latest trends, and keep an eye out for freebies and special discount offers. Additionally, sign up to mailing lists too, saving you time and effort on your quest!

Step 2 – Narrow Your Search

Once you’ve compiled a list of your most wallet-friendly and tasteful wines, it’s time to narrow them down to red, white, rose or sparkling. If you’ve done your research correctly, you’ll know that white wines are more preferable during the summer months, red and rose’ for winter, and sparkling for any special occasion! If you’re not sure however, try getting a little insight into your host’s taste buds, and see what wine they’re most used to.

Step 3 – The Purchase

Make sure you keep your weekends clear, because searching for a store that sells your bottle of wine can take some time. It’s best to visit the local shops in your area, and if they don’t have the bottle you’re looking for, then ask for another recommended retailer. Don’t spoil all the hard work you’ve done by settling for the first wine store you come across!

Get to shopping! First impressions mean everything, so apply this to the bottles that you see. Wine bottles come in all shapes and sizes, and although some look very pleasing to the eye, they may not be as pleasing on the tongue.

Furthermore, don’t be shy when asking for advice in the shop. The wine assistant is there because they love supplying quality wines so take their advice if you’re in dire straits. Make sure you taste the wine before you buy it too!

Finally, choose a fun or creative wine bag. It has to reflect the size and style of the wine as well as the taste, so don’t go too overboard with the colors! Your wine bag should be smart, compact and also have a note tag attached so you can thank your host for the invitation.

This guest post has been written by British blogger Zoe. You can tweet your thoughts on this post straight to Zoe @bloggingstyle.

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