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FAQ’s About Protein Powders

Protein is a naturally occurring substance found in many regular foods and is considered to be the healthiest and most important of all the nutrients and minerals.

Protein is naturally found in nature’s raw ingredients, but today many protein products are also available in beverage forms, such as shakes and powders. When working out, the type of protein you use can considerably influence your health and final outcome of your gym efforts. However, proteins are most importantly used by body builders because they are exceptional for muscle building, further protein synthesis, tissue repair, enhancing immune system and secretion of vital hormones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“So why should I drink or eat Protein?” A healthy and delicious dish containing plenty of proteins can increase the rate of body metabolism and intercellular communication. Secondly, proteins are required for formation of cells including mitochondria and cell membrane. Protein further consists of amino acids that are indispensable for countless functions of the body and it is a good idea to take adequate amounts of proteins every day but and protein supplements in addition with natural foods can provide them quite easily.

Meat is an excellent source of protein, but shakes and powders can make a great supplement to a fulfilling meal or after a hard workout.

“How do I know what Protein to buy?” The best and natural protein shakes and powders are those that incorporate both these types of proteins in them. When cooking for consumption, meats are slightly better that that of vegetables and more easily absorbed. Vegetarians can sometimes suffer from deficiencies and related diseases which is why it is important to take supplements like calcium and iron to weigh out these differences.

“What Types of Protein Powders are there?”

Whey Protein powders and shakes derived from whey are one of the most popular supplements especially among men and those who lift heavy weights. Whey is the most digestible and provide a unique and excellent combination of branched chain amino acids (main building blocks in muscles). Furthermore, whey plays an important role in the production of glutathione. Glutathione is the master of all antioxidants present in the body and enhances the immune system as well.

Organic Hemp Protein: This particular type is rich in two of the three most commonly occurring natural proteins in human body that are glubolins and albumin. In addition, it contains important essential amino acids like arginine and hestidine and both of them are required for proper growth. These proteins powders and shakes are also oozing with essential healthy fatty acids like Omega3 and Omega6.

Rice Proteins: Proteins supplements derived from rice are extremely rich in almost all sorts of amino acids that mainly constitute proteins. However, you should only use unsaturated brown rice for maximizing the benefits as cooked and saturated rice lose their nutritional value.

It can be said that almost all types of proteins supplements especially powders and shakes are beneficial for health. What you need to look for is which supplement suits your particular needs and whether it has been manufactured by a reliable and reputed company. Try buying small packets to begin with before settling with just one, to test out what works best for you. If protein shakes are not for you, creating a healthy lifestyle around fish, beans, eggs, nuts and dairy.

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