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YoungBlood Ultimate Corrector

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First Impressions

Calling all night owls & early birds, midnight partiers & 5am fitness-freaks, 9-5ers & early school risers…

YoungBlood Cosmetics (which by the way, can I just say, kudos on the brand name! Try saying that one without going gangsta J) has a magical creamy concealer duo specifically designed for those puffy, dark circles under your eyes!  The mini compact holds a bronzed-peachy color in order to cover blue discoloration with a pale yellow shade to hide the purple tones under your lower lashes.

While formulated specifically for the dark circles under your eyes, this little compact is a major winner in more ways that just one.  It holds one of my favourite cream highlighters to use for contouring; applying it under the eyes, up towards the highest point of your cheekbones, as well as a small amount on your chin, and then a center line on your nose up towards your forehead.  It creates the smooth, flawless texture that has an airbrushed feel to the planes of your face, and lets get real, who doesn’t want to walk around looking effortlessly airbrushed?!

While this little gem of a product has multiple uses (very creamy, buildable, blendable) it also doesn’t lend itself to a wide range of skin tones for highlighting.  Normally, in my book this is a major “No, No!”…  The pale yellow looks stark white one anyone with a skin tone from Olive on up to Ebony.

Luckily, this product was made with the intent of being an under-eye discoloration corrector!  It’d be like judging a green corrector (made to disguise red hues) for not going with any other skin tones other than green…  Most correctors are made with the intent of being covered up by foundation or concealer.  If you find someone walking around with green corrector on their face, politely tap them on the shoulder and help a sister out!  All for one and one for all, right?  Well YoungBlood’s Ultimate Corrector should be treated the same way; if you have a porcelain or an ebony skin tone- don’t be afraid!  This product is a blessing for anyone who needs to brighten up the dark spots that lie beneath your eyes, and then promptly covered with foundation!

What We Love

  • Works miracles on dark circles
  • Creamy buildable consistency
  • Covers discoloration on any blueish/ purple tones (like bruises or small tattoos)
  • Works to correct discolouration on any skin tone!
  • Evens skin tone with vitamins A & E
  • Packaging is sleek and quality

Not So Much

  • Mirror is tiny and therefore pretty much useless
  • No green corrector for redness (now that would make it Ultimate)


This sleek mini compact holds a creamy duo colour corrector specifically designed to disguise dark circles under your eyes. While people might see these colours and think “that’ll never match my skin tone”, trust me, you couldn’t be more wrong! This corrector has a yellow to hide purple tones with peach to his the blue, and then gets covered up by foundation. In the end you should have flawless skin tone without a hint of discolouration!

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