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Young Blood Mineral Matte Lipstick

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First Impressions

Matte lipsticks are still ridiculously on trend, which is why we give the people what they want. “Let them eat cake!”  Or in this instance, “Let them wear matte!”

Slowly but surely we bring to you many viable matte lipsticks, liquid and otherwise, so you can decide which brands you want to try and which you’d rather leave behind.  After all, with so many brands out there seeking your affections (and your dolla-dolla bills), it’s important to make an educated shopping choice.  Therefore we bring you our 3rd matte lipstick that’s up to win your affections.  And stay tuned because we have many more in the lineup.

Young Blood cosmetics had a MAJOR win when it came to their Ultimate Corrector, and now we have their Mineral Matte Lipsticks on the table; let’s see how these babies fair…  Youngblood claims that the lipsticks are:

  • Super-rich (check)
  • On trend (check)
  • Perfectly matte (check)
  • Provide high-impact payoff  (check)
  • Ultra-pigmented (…if a product has a high payoff then it is naturally ultra-pigmented, so this is just redundant)

So good so far Young Blood.  The lipsticks are also packed with Vitamin E and emollients (this is a preparation of the skin that softens the area- it’s a moisturizer for you lips in the formula that doesn’t hinder the matte finish).  Testing them out on myself, a matte-lover, and another Beauty Editor here, a matte-skeptic on her best days, we ironically came to the conclusion.  Young Blood’s Mineral Matte Lipstick’s formula is far superior to others that dry out lips and leave fine lines making your lips, well… scaly, and anything but sexy.  So big props in that respect!  And if it weren’t for the following reason, it’d be one of the top matte lipsticks to recommend, however this lipstick’s kryptonite are the three colors they are offered in.

Vanity- A peachy-nude in description and when swatches on the hand it looks like a warm-toned nude.  This one truly looks beautiful when swatched.  However your hand color is not the same as the color in your face and when applying this color to your lips, well we’ve started calling shades like this the “Dead Fish” color.  It’s not ideal and when on the lips it looks like someone has given you terrible news, but instead of your face turning wan, just your lips do.  Now that’s a trick!

Boudoir-  The pinker of the nudes with a cool undertone.  Swatched on the hands, this looks like a lovely dusty rose shade.  However when applied to the lips this color rivals a concealer, seeing as it makes light to medium skin toned lips blend in the face and almost disappear entirely while darker skin tones have the unfortunate effect of making the lips pop out intensely with a color that looks somewhat ashy.  Not at all what they had in mind for this color I’m sure…


Ooh La La- The DEFINITE winner of the lot.  This is the perfect “Barbie pink” shade that is a staple for so many cosmetic companies.  It is so luscious, feminine and sweet of a color you’d think it was snatched off of Marie Antoinette’s vanity.  As we said, by far the queen of them all.

These would be a 4.5 for formula and a 1.5 for color options.  Do with that information what you will, but certainly try Ooh La La and then start a petition for Young Blood to expand their color range.  I’d buy one in every color if they came out with reds, purples, and so on…  If only, if only.

What We Love

  • Rich in pigment and payoff
  • Nice moisturized formula that makes lips look luscious and matte rather than dry and scaly
  • Vitamin E in the formula
  • Sleek packaging

Not So Much

  • Color variations


An impeccable formula for matte lipsticks, one to be envied by many brands... Keeping the lips soft and supple while also able to keep a perfectly matte finish. However their small color options mixed with 2 out of 3 of them having off-putting shades truly makes these a hit for the shade Ooh La La and a total and utter miss for shades "Vanity" and "Boudoir".

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