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Too Faced Melted Liquefied Lipstick

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First Impressions

Ever look back on Disney Princes and think… They set me up for failure!  I mean, we swoon after these cartoons as little girls thinking “this is what I’ll get one day” and we can have all of life’s problems solved if we just find ourselves a Prince Erik (or maybe Aladdin was more your type?)…  Moral of the story being: we grew up thinking that one someone or something could give us everything we needed in life.

So where am I going with this?  ….Well, I always knew Disney Princes were (well, for wanting to remain proper I’ll go with the less colorful word) lame, and no Prince Charming was coming to save the day.  Makeup on the other hand- now that was a great love affair I could understand!

Turns out I had the same lesson to learn though.  I can’t expect a lipstick to be everything I’d ever want a lipstick to be and be cheap and in my favorite colors annnd; you get the picture.  It got to the point where I’d look down on a lipstick because it came off on my coffee cup or it was too matte and didn’t moisturize my lips; it’s a freaking matte lipstick, what more am I asking for?!  So when testing out the Too Faced Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipstick in the hot pink color “Candy”, I had to remind myself to check the cynic in me (who half expected it to also be a magic wand that would turn me into Amrezy) and proceed with a realistic eye.

After all the hype on YouTube and Instagram and this being a product of my beloved Too Faced, I was thrilled to try out the product that combined a lipstick look-and-feel with a creamy-melted formula.  Of course, leave it to Too Faced to come up with the most gorgeous and innovative packaging; a sleek matte tube with a sponge-tip applicator.  The applicator is soft (feels similar to a doe-foot applicator) and when you squeeze the product up from the tube the product hits mesh that makes the lipstick come out of the top in beads of product.  This is done so that you have a nice, even application with the precision that only a surgeon would envy.

After wearing the product around for a couple of days my hankering to criticize its inability to stay on my lips for at least 12 hours came back…  The truth is, this is an incredible feat of ingenuity for the cosmetics world!  After the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Too Faced saw lipsticks in the lab, being swirled around in their creamy-melted state, he became determined to make these vivid colors available to us.  And thank the cosmetic gods that he did because these liquefied lipsticks offer the creamy and intense pop of pigment that come from lipsticks as well as the rich high shine that can only be found within glosses.  With 18 colors available, these long wear ingenious lippies are quite a fun option to be stashed in your purse!  Just remember ladies…  It’s just a lipstick, not a Disney Prince!

What We Love

  • Inventive formula for a liquefied lipstick (not to be confused with a liquid lipstick)
  • Holds a creamy sheen/gloss finish
  • Gorgeous packaging with a sponge applicator that makes application a breeze
  • Intense pigmentation (richer than most lipsticks)
  • Lasts longer than most lipsticks (still need to reapply and will get on your coffee mugs though people....)

Not So Much

  • Gets all over your teeth (just do the pinky-trick a couple of times and you'll be set)
  • A bit pricey


Liquefied lipsticks that give off an intense pigmentation that is richer than most. These Melted lipsticks are a flurry of fun and come in 18 lovely shades.

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