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Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick

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First Impressions

Hands down this is the cutest product we have reviewed yet! This adorable little panda will definitely end up living in a lot of girl’s make-up bags but mostly as a cute toy, not a make-up must have.

Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick claims to give a refreshing cooling effect to the under eye area while adding moisture, brightening dark circles, and softening fine lines. I didn’t experience almost any of these things while using it. The cooling effect lasted for less the 5 seconds and was very mild. I was hoping that it would leave my skin feeling extra hydrated and help with any puffiness left over from sleeping, but really it left me feeling like I used a cheap glue stick under my eyes.

Although I didn’t receive any real benefits from the So Cool Eye Stick did like the fact that it was gentle enough not to tingle or cause any irritation on my sensitive skin.

Overall I am happy that I got to experience this popular product I will not repurchase it, unless I want another panda friend.

What We Love

  • Adorable packaging
  • Refreshing ocean scent

Not So Much

  • Sticky feeling after use
  • Lack of results


Super cute packaging for a product that leaves you wanting more.

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