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theBalm Hot Mama

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First Impressions

In what should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody, theBalm knocked it out of the park again. This time with Hot Mama, a perfect blend of peachy-pink blush and highlighter. Hot Mama is one of theBalm’s flagship products and has stood the test of time for good reason.

Hot Mama is gorgeous golden pink shade similar to Nars’ Orgasm, but on my skin showed up more golden than Nars’ famous shade and with considerably less shimmer. Hot Mama is also slightly less pigmented than Orgasm (in a good way) and can easily be layered over another matte blush.

TheBalm states that Hot Mama also does double duty as an eyeshadow, a claim I was skeptical of until I actually tried it out. I’m never a fan of putting pink next to my eyes for fear of looking sick but with a light hand it actually looked great. It didn’t really look like I was wearing eyeshadow but rather like my lids were subtly glowing. If you’re the type of girl who wears eyeshadow to the beach (no judgement) this is the shade for you.

Like every theBalm product, Hot Mama is finely milled, creamy, and actually comes with a mirror so you can apply on the go. This one will definitely be making a regular appearance in my daily rotation.

What We Love

  • No chunky glitter
  • Doubles as an eyeshadow
  • Creates a beautiful glow
  • Finely milled and buttery texture

Not So Much


A universally flattering peachy-pink blush/shadow/highlighter that creates a gorgeous glow.

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