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TheBalm Cosmetics “How ‘Bout Them Apples?” Cheek & Lip Cream Palette

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First Impressions

I think I’m in the clear to say that TheBalm has been unanimously adored by all of our Beauty Editors; and if that’s not a testament to a beauty brand, I don’t know what is!  We have our Editor who loves all natural and organic products, our Editor who is all about luxury and high-end brands, we have an Editor who will try anything at least once, and so on…  And then there’s myself who is a lash-brush-pigment-aholic and would basically buy anything anointed by Jaclyn Hill or some-goddess-similar.  For all of our Beauty OCD-ness to align in one brand is a feat of cosmic engineering. I’m just saying….

So it should shock absolutely no one (and if it does, see here, here, here, here and here for obnoxiously repetitive proof) that their “How ‘Bout Them Apples?” Cheek & Lip Cream Palette is pure gold and my favorite pick of the bunch!  Again, another testament to the power of TheBalm because cheek and lip products usually have me rolling my eyes so hard my lashes fall off…  Leave it to TheBalm to prove me a believer!

With 6 mouth-wateringly delicious shades to pick from, this creamy smooth palette is, “formulated to have a smooth finish that won’t streak or fade, so there are no bad apples in this bunch!”  The creams are not glossed, so you’ll have a nice matte to sheen finish on your cheeks that will give you a healthy, luminous flush to your face.  Most of the creams are a solid color (such as cider, a pinky-nude or cobbler, a deep red), however Crisp has golden flecks finely mixed into its burnt orange-red tones.  With reds, pinks, orange undertones and even a caramel “Carmel” color (p.s. spot on TheBalm with the naming of these colors…) there is truly a color in here for practically every season. The formula blends into oblivion on your cheeks and makes each color look like your natural flush of color.  Even Crisp, with its golden flecks, makes you look as if your cheeks naturally have the Midas touch!  I am so shocked and pleasantly surprised that all of these colors look lovely on the lips as well.  And while they do tend to be more on the dry side, they too give your lips a gorgeous flush of pigmentation that looks supple and like a natural coloration.

Of course every Balm packaging must be praised…  To sum up what we’ve claimed about each of their products packaging we’ve reviewed, it is: clever, fun, endearing, quality, functional, compact, and a prize for any vanity or makeup bag.  How ‘Bout Them Apples is right up there with the Nude Dude Palette for me.  With a darling pinup on the cover (who I assume is taking tips from Kim K and pulling a waist training move…) whilst eating her apple pie at a lovely picnic with her puppy-pal.  Then you open up the packaging to a full sized mirror that reflects your entire face (bravo Balm, bravo) and then a farm boy by each apple-pigment.

So ladies, “take your pick”…

What We Love

  • Sleek, sturdy packaging with a mirror so large there's no question who the farest of them all would be...
  • 6 delicious color to choose from
  • 6 delicious men to choose from (just saying...)
  • The creams blend like a dream on the apples of your cheeks to look like a natural flush
  • On the lips, the cream gives a natural pigmentation to look like your lips are actually the color you've used

Not So Much

  • When used as a lip cream, the formula can be a bit drying (just pop on some lipbalm though and you're good to go!)


Best used with a duo-fiber stipple brush, these 6 creams are a dream to your face and make you blush with the best of them. A Must-Buy from TheBalm!

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