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TheBalm Balm Desert

Editors Reviews



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First Impressions

The Balm Cosmetics has been such an obsession at our office lately I was beginning to think that they could do no wrong. Every theBalm product tested thus far by our editors has absolutely crushed it. These smell exactly like Thin Mints and I could not EVEN without this sent-from-heaven bronzer.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but Balm Desert was not a knockout for me. It’s not that it isn’t a good product, it has all the potential to be, it just didn’t work for my skin tone and bronzing needs. Balm Desert is a slightly shimmery blush/bronzer, a combo that I’ve never really been on board with. I mean, those are two very different things; are you a blush or are you a bronzer?? Pick one. As a bronzer this was just a bit too warm and pinkish for my skin tone, it didn’t look natural on me. The color would probably be great on fairer and rosier complexions.

It wasn’t a total miss though, it’s still a theBalm product after all. I did find that the formula was long lasting; a must for any product to earn a permanent spot in my makeup bag. It also doubles beautifully as an eyeshadow and has a buttery-smooth texture that feels quality. As always, the killer packaging (this time a Palm Springs poolside scene) makes it fun to use and takes the monotony out of the weekday getting ready grind.

What We Love

  • Long-wearing
  • Great packaging (as always)
  • Multi-use
  • Silky texture
  • Ideal for fair skin

Not So Much

  • Not great for contouring
  • Didn't work for my skin tone


A warm-toned slightly iridescent bronzer ideal for fair and/or rosy skin. Great formulation and packaging, just not a fit for my skin.

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