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theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

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First Impressions

I think of theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer the way most of you think of your first love. Why? Well first loves are fast, enlightening, and unforgettable. Mary-Lou was the first highlighter I ever met, and she instantly opened my virgin eyes to the dramatic shaping power of a well-placed luminizer. I felt confident walking into a room with her, as her presence was subtle yet strong. And while I’ve met many highlighters since her, I still find myself knocking at Mary-Lou’s door, time and time again.

Like theBalm’s entire family, Mary-Lou is appealing upon first glance, with adorably fun and sassy packaging that just makes you smile. But open her up, and you’ll see she’s so much more than outer beauty. Her sweet, creamy, honey-hued center is the stuff highlighting dreams are made of.

This luminizing powder is a three-in-one:-highlighter, eyeshadow, and all-over shimmer, offering a soft, sweet glow wherever you apply it. The light-reflecting silica particles diffuse light so skin looks softer and younger, while adding a subtle glow. The size of the glitter particles is crazy important to me since I detest any sort of detectable body glitter, and I would rate Mary-Lou a 1 out of 5 (with 5 being big, and 0 being undetectable).

This product can be layered over makeup, or used alone on bare skin. And no matter what your makeup style, you’ll find a use for Mary-Lou in your routine, since her uses are plentiful: cheekbones, brow bones, collarbones (seriously), inner-eye corners, down the bridge of the nose, cupids bow, etc. I personally would stick to using it as a highlighter, and not over large areas of the face or all-over, as you might end up looking like a tad light-bulb-ish.

The best part? Okay, the second best part (with the first being her perfection), she’ll only set you back $24, and she lasts practically forever. Sold. Buy her here.

What We Love

  • Multi-Purpose: Highlighter, Eyeshadow, All-Over Shimmer
  • Subtle Yet HIghly Effective
  • Long-Lasting, So you Get Your Money's Worth

Not So Much

  • None! Use as directed, and you're sure to love her.


Meet Mary-Lou: a sweet, honey-hued, subtle-yet-powerful highlighter that will totally luminize your world with her various uses, if you let her...and you should.
10 comments on “theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer
  1. adriana says:

    Love the packaging, so beautiful.

  2. jennifer aguero says:

    50′s chic is so in right now. I love lip balm and can never have enough.

  3. Lisa Williams says:

    I have never tried a highlighter yet but I am anxious to try this,I think it would make a world of difference and improve my face a lot!

  4. Heather Johnson says:

    I love this, just beautiful. Need to get some for myself

  5. Kathleen S. says:

    Wow! I’m impressed! I haven’t tried a highlighter yet, but I bet it would make a difference on my face.

  6. Cari Lingwood says:

    I love me a highlighter and this looks like a great one!

  7. Kristina L says:

    I’ve never seen this before but I’m sold! It looks like a great product.

  8. Yassiris says:

    I love it!!! Looks so beautiful…

  9. Nicole Carter says:

    This is the first time me hearing of this and now I must have it!

  10. Kassie says:

    I adore theBalm and I’ve had my eye on Mary-Lou for SO long! It looks so beautiful!

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