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TheBalm Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush

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First Impressions

And theBalm’s legacy at Health Beauty Life continues, this time with their Instain Long-Wearing Powder Staining Blush, in shades Swiss Dot and Houndstooth.

Upon first glance, I freaked out, like we all do when getting to test a Balm product. The packaging just makes you smile: with a houndstooth here and a polka dot there, these particular designs make you feel as feminine and pretty as you’ll look while wearing what’s inside…

Open up the magnetic closure top, and a handy mirror and powder blush await. The matte color is very pigmented. I suggest starting with a light hand for a more natural look, and building from there if you’re aiming to stand out. And be precise about where you want it. This is because the only viable complaint I had was that I wish the formula was about 5-10% creamier, as I found the powder a little dry, thus difficult to spread. But on the flip side, that’s part of its appeal…once you swipe that blusher on, it’s not coming off until you want it off! AKA It’s name isn’t Instain for nothing: it has amazing staying power.

The Swiss Dot shade was a peachy color that looked particularly pretty when I was rocking a tan, and Houndstooth was a mauve shade that looked, well, mauve-elous.

BONUS USE: Because of their intense pigment and staying power, I found this the perfect blush to make a little DIY lip color. You can either dig a little out and mix with gloss (the same way you made this DIY gloss with eyeshadow), or do like I did and just use your finger to pat some of the blush over your lip balm. Voila!

As far as the ingredients go, I’d prefer a cleaner line up, but that’s because I’m a closeted hippy who’s covered in a strong [natural] makeup and fashion game to hide my grassy roots. But since that’s simply a personal preference, I wouldn’t dare dock Instain any points!

All in all, at $22 a pop, this blush will last you a long time, and you’ll be happy with its versatility. So just buy it already.

What We Love

  • Smart and Adorable Packaging: Magnetic Closure, Mirror Inside, Sassy Design
  • Amazing Staying Power
  • Buildable
  • Versatile: Use On Your Lips, Too!
  • 6 Fun Colors to Choose From

Not So Much

  • A Teensy Bit Dry, Making It Somewhat Difficult To Spread


TheBalm’s Instain blush is a crowd pleaser and cheek stainer. (Not literally!) There’s a shade for every season and skin tone, buildable color for whatever look you're after, and with staying power like this, this blush will expire before you’re close to finishing it.

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