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Sigma Beauty Express Brush Cleaning Glove

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First Impressions

I feel like in the makeup “Coming-Of-Age process” most people go through similar experiences.  We all have the Bonnie-Bell Lip Smackers phase where you collect every flavor under the sun.  Then you move on to cheap-o makeup that you put on with the sponge-applicator that comes in the Wet N’ Wild palettes.  You finally graduate in the Makeup-World and find what a difference quality makeup and brushes do to your makeup game!  But it took me a while to finally get to the last step of realizing how crucial it is to clean your brushes properly.

If you went through these phases like me, and are still figuring out that last step, have no fear… Sigma’s Brush Cleaning Glove will solve your issues.  If you didn’t have to go through this Coming-Of-Age process like I did, hats off to you, and bear with me because sometimes I can be like “stop eating the paste” special.

About 5 years ago I was told by my big sister, the source of all my sound advice, what a major dumb-dumb I was for not cleaning my brushes!  I looked at her, completely baffled, and explained I get the pigments off of my brushes so that color doesn’t mix and that was good enough for me.  Now most people can put 2 and 2 together to piece together that bacteria can get on everything if you don’t clean it well and brushes go on your face, so if you’d like to not break out and keep bacteria off of your face, you should probably clean your brushes.  Okay great.  Lesson learned.  And then I spent, what felt like, the next 5 hours cleaning my brushes…  It’s a long tedious process for brushaholics, but even if you only own 5 brushes, it still feels like a major chore to complete.

Now I swear on Chanel, this Brush Cleaning Glove from Sigma has rained down and given me all I need when it comes to brush maintenance: speed and ease!  The glove was, “designed as a compact brush cleaning device featuring 7 patented textures  for both eyes and face brushes. The glove provides a quick and effective cleaning process including a universally fit strap to be placed around the thumb and wrist to help secure the glove during vigorous brush cleaning.”  The  silicone grooves and ridges on the glove help get a deep cleaning on bristles (synthetic and natural hairs alike, no discrimination here) including the tough foundation and concealer brushes!  The fact that the glove makes brushes with such dense product packed into the bristles, almost new looking and feeling is impressive!  So not only are all pigments swept away (for the people like me who just didn’t want purples showing up in my oranges) but the glove actually does a deep cleaning to remove all bacteria (ya know, what most people understand to be the important part of a cleaning; whoops).

The glove Sigma came out with prior to this was an actual glove to clean brushes; it had the look of a big glove you’d wear in the snow.  To me, this new and updated version of the glove is spot on because it is not bulky and very compact.  You can fold up the glove and store it in a drawer or stuff it in your suitcase for travel!  Likewise, cleaning with the glove on-to-go is perfect!  You just need some simple cleaning solution and water to do a quick, deep clean and make sure you are all set for your next makeup look; bacteria free!


What We Love

  • Easy to use
  • Great materials for the glove that make for a deep cleaning of your brushes
  • Affordable product (25 bucks and you're good to go for all future brush cleaning!)
  • 7 different textures to wash, rinse, refine and shape your brushes

Not So Much

  • The glove has a handle to make it easy to hold onto, however if you have very small hands it can slip off. Just a small quirk!


Simple to use tool that makes brush cleaning fly by rather than drag on for hours!

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