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RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

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First Impressions

It’s official: RMS Beauty is my spirit animal. And don’t think too deep into that, because I get that it doesn’t technically make sense. But the brand’s consistent performance, atop of their clean philosophy and general aesthetic has me like whoa. And I’m not the only one. RMS has had an underground cult following of makeup artists and celebs alike, which is when I first realized I needed to get my hands on it, starting with their “Un” Cover-Up (in shade 22).

Let’s address this first: ladies, if you order this online, you’re going to open the package and panic over the size. It does looks small for the $36 you paid, but let me assure you of a few things: this lasts forever, as a little bit goes a long way, and you get what you pay for: a totally clean, safe, superior-performing product. Moving on…

Other than the size, you’ll immediately notice the consistency between their philosophy and their packing: the product comes in a small glass jar topped with a white metal lid with their logo on it. It feels as organic and luxuriously simplistic as the product inside.

Unscrew the lid, and the creamy, organic goodness awaits. This product can be used as both a concealer and an all-over foundation. I use and love it for both purposes. You can apply with your fingers, or a brush. As a concealer, I usually use my fingers, but for all-over, I like to dip the tips of my foundation brush bristles into the jar, and lightly buff it on (being careful not to overdo it, or it can be too heavy).

Now let’s talk performance: it’s downright dreamy, you guys. Really. This stuff seriously melts right into your skin, giving the freshest, dewiest finish I’ve ever found. The coverage is medium and even- it covers imperfections, redness, dark circles. etc. And the color seems to adjust to fit your skin tone. (See, this stuff really is magic!) I do suggest giving it a moment to settle into skin after applying, then deciding if you want to top with a powder. Because if you have oily skin, this can tend to slip a bit. If it’s hot out and I know I’m going to sweat, or just if I plan on wearing it for awhile, I usually end up lightly powdering my t-zone with this stuff, and I’m good to go.

Its formula is all-natural and organic. The main ingredient is coconut oil, but it also boasts beeswax and jojoba oil, so yeah, this stuff is both moisturizing and healing. Many report seeing an overall improvement in their skin with repeated use. And for those of you worrying, I’m also prone to breakouts, but I’ve never had a problem using this.

I just can’t say enough good, lovely-dovey stuff about this product, and neither can the rest of the world- it’s a three-time winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award. So if you’re looking for a clean product that will deliver a fresh, natural, “second skin” type of look (And why wouldn’t you be?!), get your hands on some RMS “Un” Cover-Up here.

What We Love

  • Fresh, Dewey Finish
  • Melts Into Skin
  • Good, Even Coverage
  • All-Natural, Organic, Safe
  • Great For Your Skin- Moisturizing and Healing

Not So Much

  • Might not be for oily skin tones, but try setting with a powder before totally dismissing it!


If fresh, dewey, even-toned skin is what you’re after, and if your health matters to you (which it better), you have to get your hands on this product, er, get this product on your face.

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