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RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer

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First Impressions

I’m going to save myself and our regular followers a little time and start with this: if you haven’t already read my detailed reasonings for why cult-brand RMS Beauty is my spirit animal, check out my review of their “Un” Cover-up. Or, here’s the cliff-notes version: healthy ingredients, luxe packaging, superior performance. Now onto their Buriti Bronzer…

The Buriti Bronzer is consistent with the rest of the RMS Beauty brand: Same beloved packaging — a recycled glass jar topped with an aluminum white, logo-ed lid that looks and feels simple yet sophisticated — and same high-quality, natural ingredient list, though this particular product’s stand out ingredient is buriti oil. Buriti oil boasts the highest levels of Vitamin A and Beta-carotene you can find, which provides anti-aging benefits, and makes skin glow.

Again, like the rest of the RMS product line, the Buriti Bronzer is an oil-based, super creamy dream that effortlessly glides on and melts right into skin (which also means if you have super oily skin, this might not be the line for you). Its sheer, creamy consistency leaves a healthy, natural finish, especially when used in conjunction with the RMS “Un” Cover up.

There aren’t a lot of cream-based bronzers on the market, so this was actually my first. I don’t recommend Buriti Bronzer for contouring (Like some of us do with a matte, powdered bronzer. I use the one in this palette.), but if you pat it onto the areas where the sun would naturally hit you—high forehead, tops of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, collarbones—you’ll be left with a healthy, natural-looking sun-kissed glow. I even swiped a small amount on my eyelids a few times, but note that the creamy consistency can crease, and could cause mascara to smudge, so try that with caution.

Okay, now let’s talk shade — the Buriti Bronzer only comes in one, and while universally flattering products do exist in the beauty world, this still can be a bit limiting. I have caucasian skin with yellowish undertones, have already lost 80% of my summer tan, and the Buriti Bronzer pulled a teensy bit red on me. Not necessarily enough that it would stop me from wearing it completely, but it definitely will be more flattering once I have a bit of a tan.

TO ALL YOU DARK-SKINNED BEAUTIES: I think this product would make an AMAZING highlighter/luminizer for darker or tanned skin, since it’s pretty much exactly like the RMS Living Luminizer (everyone’s favorite must-have), but with a darker tint. So try it and let me know!

Overall, so long as this shade works for your skin tone and you don’t have really oily skin, I think you’ll love the natural, luminous, skin-kissed glow you’ll get from the Buriti Bronzer.

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What We Love

  • Natural, Dewey, Illuminating Finish
  • Great For Your Skin: Anti-Aging, Moisturizing, and Healing
  • All-Natural, Organic, Safe

Not So Much

  • The One-Shade Issue (Read More About That Above)


If you want to fake dewey, sun-kissed skin this fall and winter, or you want your already-tanned-skin to look bright and luminous, get your hands on some Buriti Bronzer. So long as the shade works with your skin tone, you’re going to adore this stuff.

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