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OFRA Ace Complex Liquid Foundation

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First Impressions

Foundation is a touchy subject for me and I’d venture to guess the same is true of most women at some point in their lives. I’ve spent plenty of time combing through drugstore displays and makeup counters hunting down the perfect my-skin-but-better shade. A year ago I stumbled on a liquid sample at Nordstroms that changed my world and has been my go-to ever since. Still, variety is the spice of life and I’m always on the hunt for a second (third, fourth) foundation to fall in love with.

I had heard good things about OFRA Cosmetics’ 3D bronzer/highlighter from a fellow beauty editor and was interested in trying other items from their collection. The foundation selection showed promise and I particularly appreciate their array of darker shades. Plus it’s half the price of my normal day-to-day. After trying the liquid foundation on and off for a few weeks I have mixed emotions. There were some pleasant surprises and some completely unwanted results. Either way, here’s the Quick & Dirty.

The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a spatula applicator. It’s a sturdy, frills-free packaging. None of the colors provided were an exact match;  cocoa is too rich while ebony is far too orange and toffee a complete NO. I compromised and wound up mixing two options to a shade that was more flattering. This is where a pump dispenser or dropper would have been handy because it’s difficult to get a consistent blend with the spatula.

A silicone base and moisturizing ingredients make for a fairly comfortable, lightweight feeling that surprisingly sets very fast. Almost immediately after applying the first dabs of product it absorbed into my skin, so I had to work quickly. Using a damp blending sponge it was easy to work up to a light/medium coverage with slight residual glow.  After a little setting powder the foundation felt and looked pretty decent.

My not-so-perfectly mixed color oxidized greatly as the day wore on, ending at a shade that was far more orange than before. The change was especially noticeable along my forehead where there was now an  full on shine that blotting papers alone couldn’t address. Though I was careful to use setting powder the product began to settle into my smile lines and slightly along the creases of my eyes, which is not a good look.

The verdict: There are times when you just have to throw up the white flag. While I adore the consistency and easy application of this foundation, the shininess and movement was undeniable. OFRA’s Silk Peptide foundation is said to be more tailored to combo skin, which I am. Maybe I’ll give that a try when I’m ready to resume this foundation quest.

What We Love

  • Light to medium coverage
  • Sets very quickly
  • Nice color range for WOC
  • Lightweight feeling

Not So Much

  • Creases under eyes and in smile lines
  • Lots of shine in the T-zone
  • Formula oxidizes causing color change
  • Spatula applicator makes it hard to consistently mix shades


Quick setting water based foundation with light to medium coverage. Oxidizes after several hours, appearing far more orange. Slight creasing in smile lines if not carefully set with powder. Better suited to dry skin. Combos may see unwanted residual shine.

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