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Natural Dermis Skin Care

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First Impressions

Skincare to me is like…. Washing my car.  Pricey, unnecessary and just all together not what I deem a “good time”.    Unfortunately for me I’ve learned two harsh lessons over time:

1.) If you don’t wash your car for months and months on end- the buildup becomes a part of your car; what used to be a fresh, clean paint job is now a scratched surface with discoloration 24/7.  Something only a new paint job can fix.

2.) If you don’t take care of your skin daily  with quality  products- well, same rules apply as the car’s scratched and discolored surface.  Except you can’t buy a new face…

With all that said, skincare is a prevention necessity that I find dull and tedious, however if I don’t do it each and every day it’s only a matter of time until I find discoloration or blemishes on my face.  As a makeup enthusiast I need to keep my canvas clean and why not be able to enjoy doing it as well?

Enter Natural Dermis.

I told my girlfriend, and fellow Beauty Editor, “It feels like my face is taking a bath in champaign with crushed up pearls and diamonds in the formula!”  Needless to say I over exaggerate when I get excited, but the enthusiasm is definitely merited; perhaps not by pearls and diamonds, but the skincare wonder that is Natural Dermis has definitely made my nightly regime a much more luxurious process.  Going to ND’s website and social media platforms has the look and feel of a modern luxury spa, and they carry that over into their sleek packaging.  They boast about using, “high quality, natural products that are not only gentle on the skin, but kind to the planet and all living things.”  Definitely comb through their website because they dive into each natural ingredient they use and explain what its natural properties are good for when it comes to your skin!  Not only is it enlightening, but it also makes you appreciate what you put on your skin (no chemicals here, thank you)!


The system currently has 4 steps (coming out soon with a 5th; go checkout their website for a sneak peek).

Wash:  This cleanser removes impurities from your skin in a gentle fashion (great perk for sensitive skin) and penetrates deep into the pores (major plus for oily skin).  The formula’s natural ingredients makes for a calming and hydrating wash that doesn’t over dry your skin (dry skinned perk, most definitely). ($26.50)

Hydrate:  This is a moisturizing cream for super soft and radiantly glowing skin!  They do claim that this product in particular is ideal for normal to dry skin, but I tend to run more oily and it did wonders for my skin! ($37.00)

Restore: Restore is a night cream!  And like any good Beauty Editor, I completely missed this fact for the first week of testing… Once I actually did my research thoroughly I found that this restorative night cream is intensely rich with moisture and can help rebalance skin texture.  This is the ideal product for improving your skins elasticity and lifting/firming the appearance. ($42.00)

and Exfoliate: mmmMMmmm… Definitely one of my favorites to use!  Natural Dermis carries a mint exfoliate which helps in the effectiveness of a skincare routine.  Cleaning old/ dying skin cells (ick!)… There’s not much you can do to polish old skin.  Exfoliate the skin to be plum and primed for a cleanse or the day before an event so your makeup looks flawless. ($49.00)

What We Love

  • Sleek packaging
  • Makes skincare routine feel luxurious
  • All natural ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic, paraben free and crulety free (always a MUST)!

Not So Much

  • Pricey
  • It warns you, but definitely don't let the formula near your eyes (stings like a bee)


The ultimate luxurious skincare regime with the added perk of being an all natural ingredient line! Completely cruelty free and the feeling of the formula is soft and gentle. Definitely on the pricey side if you buy the whole line, but the results make it worth the dough!
7 comments on “Natural Dermis Skin Care
  1. Kristine says:

    This is a waste of money literally the drug store is better quality

  2. Elizabeth says:

    This product was not good on sensitive skin. It dried my skin out and made it hurt! It was not hydrating at all. My skin is doing better without it. Plus you have 15 days from your order date to return it! It took almost that entire time to get my order and I live in California, which is a neighbor for Nevada. Either they don’t know how to process orders or someone is very lazy. By the time I have it the week test, it was too late to return it. I just threw it away. Not worth the money or the time waiting for it to even ship.

  3. Nicole says:

    Just picked up my wash, exfoliate, restore and firm bottles from the post office. Felt like forever to get here since a $20 expedited shipping fee was charged I didn’t expect it to take 2weeks to NYC. Anyway will begin regimen tonight I have blemished skin with beginning signs of some wrinkles. Also currently nursing my 7 month old baby. So I hope this will work with the plus side of being an all natural skin care option.

  4. Randi says:

    How long does one order of each of these products last (using it morning/night)? The bottles are deceptively large…but the volume of each product is only a little over 1oz!!! It just seems super expensive for the quantity. Thank you for your review. 🙂

    • If you use the recommended amount each and every use, the bottles should last you about a month. I on the other hand fell into a deep infatuation with their “Restore” & “Exfoliate”, so I tended to run through those bottles much faster due to my heavy hand!

  5. Macie says:

    Their website only ships to certain cities in Texas. So if you’re a Texas girl, Don’t think that you can just get on there and order no problem. I live in San Marcos, TX south of Austin 45 miles and they only ship to Austin.

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