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Nars Steven Klein Holiday Collection: Never Too Late and Stud

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First Impressions

After last week’s so-so lipstick review, I didn’t go into testing “Never Too Late” and “Stud” with terribly high expectations. Maybe the brand was just having a case of the Mondays with Besame Mucho, because their new Steven Klein Holiday Collab is right on the money with what I usually expect when using a lux brand like Nars.

These limited edition eyeshadows definitely delivered, however with a few small caveats.

Stud: This super metallic pewter bronze is by far my favorite of the two eyeshadows. Like any good eyeshadow, Stud is hyper-pigmented, true to color, and long lasting. With a wet brush it makes a killer eyeliner and I found the staying power pretty impressive. This one will definitely be in heavy rotation during the upcoming holiday party circuit.

Never Too Late: Described as “olive green with gold shimmer,” Never Too Late didn’t deliver quite as well as Stud. The color was much sheerer and almost had a dusty consistency when I applied it. The color is pretty but nothing remarkable. It did brighten up when used as an eyeliner and added the perfect pop of smoky color.

Despite the difference in formulas and color payoffs, both of these are solid products worth trying. If you’re on the hunt for your perfect melted champagne New Year’s Eve party eyeshadow (that can’t just be me) for SURE get your hands on Stud before it’s gone.



What We Love

  • Long lasting
  • Great as both shadows and liners
  • Fun, exclusive colors
  • Perfect holiday colors

Not So Much

  • Not the same formula (Stud is much creamier than Never Too Late)
  • Never Too Late lacked intense pigmentation


Limited edition luxury eye shadows with varying levels of pigmentation. Perfect for the holidays or everyday wear.

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