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Love + Sage Lip Balm

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First Impressions

The cold is rolling in to challenge the incredibly predictable San Diego weather we’ve languished in for months. On the whole I’m very fortunate, still there’s something to be said about a chilly day (by west coast standards of course) in my favorite boots. The flip side of that is certain things inevitably take a beating when the weather turns - my lips in particular. They’re annoyingly dry and the cold, frigid air chaps my poor pout terribly. As a result I’ve invested in plenty of balms looking for the perfect, long-lasting, comfortable emollient.

When Love + Sage came my way I quickly had to tame inner criticisms. “How is this going to compete with the 12 others balms crowding my vanity drawers?” Love + Sage seems to have mastered one key philosophy: do one thing at a time and do it to perfection. To start the sleek black packaging and rainbow hued logo is notches above most brands. It’s your familiar lipstick tube applicator with a much nicer presentation.

Their collection is a simple two pieces: Sunday Morning is a colorless treatment for sensitive lips. Bergamot and neroli give this a fruity, sweet scent. The berry tinted Beach Rose has UV protection and a scent enhanced by rose oil. These lippies are handmade, non-toxic and all-natural boasting holistic favorites like shea butter, argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba. The formula glided on smooth and easy but didn’t absorb as fast as expected. Once it had my lips felt pleasantly moisturized and supple. It’s 4 hour wear time was a little disappointing but those with lips not quite as dry as mine may see more success.

All in all these babies were a comfortable treat and worth a try.

What We Love

  • Plant-based, non-toxic and cruelty-free
  • Filled with emollient rich ingredients
  • Sweet vanilla rose and citrus scents
  • Super sleek packaging

Not So Much

  • Wear time is average
  • Didn't absorb as fast as expected


A sleek lip balm with all natural, moisturizing ingredients and a lovely rose or fruity scent. Wear time is average but leave comfortable, supple feeling.

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