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LOC Ultimate Collection

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First Impressions

There’s nothing I love more than a beauty product that exceeds my expectations. Okay, that’s not even a little bit true—I love almond champagne and puppies and fried goat cheese way more than that. But still, as someone who doesn’t usually go color-crazy or wear much shimmer, the LOC (Love of Color) Ultimate Collection did pleasantly surprise me.

This collection was a collaboration between Birchbox and beauty-YouTuber Tati Westbrook. It comes with 3 vibrant matte lipsticks, 5 shadow sticks, and a sharpener. And since there’s so much product to cover, let’s just break it down…

-Gorgeous color selection! Especially perfect for the holidays. The colors all compliment each other well, leaving you with a lot of look options.
-Glides on easily, but not blend-able. If you want to blend, do it immediately after applying, because once it drys, it’s staying. Which brings me to this…
-Probably the best staying power I’ve ever experienced with a cream shadow or liner. Like, ever. If you rub it with your finger after it sets, the color won’t budge, only the shimmer will move. And with that being said…
-All colors contain shimmer.
-PACKAGING SIZE: Half an inch longer than a middle finger, and as thick as a pinky.
-ACTUAL PRODUCT: .05 ounces

-Matte Look. Goes on velvety. Staying power is pretty good, but does tend to dry out. I wouldn’t bother wearing if your lips are dry—wait until they’re hydrated—which goes for most matte lipsticks anyways. Will come off on cups.
-Beautiful color selection:
Wildest Dreams (Red): Pretty, but does pull a little orange, which was a bit disappointing when hoping for a holiday red. Stayed on through my hippie tofu and quinoa leftovers.
First Kiss (Nude): Beautiful, light-pinky nude. Might not work for every skin tone, but I personally see myself reaching for this often. (Note: I have blonde hair, green eyes, light-medium skin with warm undertones.)
Glam Life (Wine): Lovely and festive! Can’t wait to wear this and a gold top for a holiday party.
-PACKAGING SIZE: as long as your middle finger, thinner than your pinky.
ACTUAL PRODUCT: .02 ounces. Note that a standard lipstick size is anywhere between .1 to .17 ounces….that’s a pretty big difference. You aren’t getting nearly as much lipstick in the LOC collection as a regular tube.

-No complaints. Love that it’s equipped with a lid.

“On Point” on lid + “Night Owl” in crease/liner + “First Kiss” on lips = a stunning holiday party look.

Overall, I think the quality of this product is great. Good variety, the colors are truly gorgeous, and besides for maybe having to keep an eye on your lipstick, my only real gripe is the price ($46) because of the amount of product you get comparably; but I guess you could argue you do get a wide variety, and are able to create a lot of different looks. So as long as you have the cash (or the credit card space), I think the LOC Ultimate collection is a fun and festive investment for your holiday and winter makeup looks.

Buy here.

What We Love

  • Gorgeous Color Selection
  • Shadow Sticks Have UNBEATABLE Staying Power
  • Can Create A Variety Of Looks

Not So Much

  • Lipstick Was A Little Bit Drying- Use Only On Moisturized, Supple Lips
  • Seems A Bit Pricy For Amount Of Actual Product Received


If you’re wanting to create holiday party and winter-night makeup looks, this kit is a one-stop shop. The colors are rich and stunning, and provide enough variety to make it through the season. You will have to reapply your lipstick between champagne toasts, but the shadow’s supreme staying power will last you through the new year.

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