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Lashem Extensions in a Bottle

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First Impressions

I really, really wanted to love the Lashem Extension in a Bottle one but this mascara is just a tube of frustration in shiny packaging. I seriously didn’t even know that mascara could fail this hard but it is a disaster. The hassle of using it was such an inconvenience I would prefer to just go bare lashed for the day, which is really saying something. Marketed as “extensions in a bottle,” the tube has 2 sides, one for mascara and one for the nylon extension fibers that are meant to bond with your natural lashes.

You first apply a coat of the regular mascara, then the fibers, then another coat of mascara. If this whole process resulted in crazy long and awesome long lashes I would gladly go through it, but the results are so disappointing I couldn’t help feeling like I just wasted 10 minutes of precious pre-work morning time. I couldn’t get the nylon fibers to stick to my lashes at all and somehow the actual mascara ended up all over my eyelids.

I thought maybe I was having an off day and had 2 of the other editors test it out with similar/hilarious results. One tester looked like a spider had woven a new home in her lashes while another had to wash it all off completely because the fibers kept falling into her eyes. Tester #1’s spider lashes were really clumpy and went off in all different directions. It’s safe to say this one is a hard pass and I’ll be sticking with my beloved Lancôme Hypnose mascara.

What We Love

  • Nope

Not So Much

  • Fibers fall into eyes
  • A definite no for contact wearers
  • Creates scary spider web lashes
  • Long arduous process is annoying


A 3 step application process that makes a huge mess and creates scary pointy lashes .

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