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JCat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint

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First Impressions

Alice in Wonderland themed lip paints…? Yes please!

Not only am I a total sucker for sleek packaging & crazy-fun colors, but come up with a kitschy theme to tie it all together and I’ll just throw my money towards the cashier and run; no questions asked…  JCat’s Wonder Lip Paint is just one of those products… To put it into perspective: Packaging similar to OCC Lip Tars.  Gloss & after stain similar to LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints. And a color range all their own!  The “Wonder Lip Paint” theme is from Alice In Wonderland, and with cute product spin-off names like “Mad Splatter”, “Caterpillar Smoke” and “Much Mucher” it’s incredibly hard not to fall in love with these little gems.  To top it all off these adorable little pigments are only  $4.99 each!  Such a steal when you compare it to some of its competitors. JCats says the lip paints are a “twofold blend of endurance and delivery of intense pigmentation,” which I must say, they are spot on about the pigmentation!  Such amazing rich colours that are buildable so that you could wear a thin sheen of  color or you could pack it on for an intense pop of colour!  The endurance of these Wonderland Lip Paints are not the best I’ve seen, however they do leave a stain of the colour that will have some staying power.

A little tip for these guys:

  • Squeeze the tube around for a bit before you use it!  This will blend the product so that it doesn’t come out all watery at first glace.
  • Use a lip brush! For crying out loud- use a lip brush!
  • Also use a lip liner to keep the product from any sort of bleeding

Have fun painting beautiful!

What We Love

  • Amazing range of colors
  • Colors are incredibly pigmented
  • Leaves a softer version of the color in a long lasting stain
  • Has a lovely menthol/pepperminty scent
  • Packaging is cute and travel size (Similar to OCC Lip Tars)
  • Colors truly POP in pictures! Great for Instagram

Not So Much

  • Messy application without a lip brush due to applicator (Also similar to LA Girl and OCC Lip Tars)
  • Not a long-lasting gleam of gloss
  • Can tend to bleed if not used with a liner


Very similar in fashion to LA Girl Lip Glazes, these minty fresh lip paints come in a rainbow spectrum of wearable to crazy fun colors that CAN get wildly out of control if you don’t own a lip brush… Hmmm... I'm thinking a comparison between OCC Lip Tars, LA Girl Lip Glazes, Too Faced Melts & JCats Wonder Lip Paints! What do you think!? :)

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