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Iman Perfect Eyeshadow Pencil

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First Impressions

The IMAN Perfect Eyeshadow Pencil comes in a convenient stick wand with a twist bottom. It’s paraben free, jojoba oil and vitamin E enhanced formula is supposed to allow for a comfortable, all-day wear. The stick design, even with the chubby tip, allows for a fairly smooth application; even as a liner. Their six jewel tone colors are said to be great for layering and creating the well loved smokey eye.  Each don’s a fairly nice shimmer finish. IMAN has long since been one of the go to products for women of color, so I was especially excited to try it.

I tested Deception (teal), Seduction (plum) and Desire (copper-bronze) and found the pigmentation to be inconsistent. While Deception was very saturated and rich (making it great for a little POP color on the lower lash line), Seduction required multiple layers to achieve depth. Desire has qualities of a great base color but again required multiple applications. I kept swiping it on my lid, burning through the product, just trying to get something more workable.

The formula is tacky to the touch, making blending a bit challenging, and creases throughout the day.  Eye primer did help minimize this, some, but it could be problematic for those with oily lids.  I’d encourage layering it with your favorite palettes or loose pigments for a longer, better wear because it doesn’t perform well as a stand alone.

IMAN has been well loved for literally decades but this product unfortunately is a miss.

What We Love

  • Decent pigmentation
  • Glides on easily
  • Easy to apply

Not So Much

  • Doesn't blend well
  • Creases
  • Smudges and bleeds
  • Require multiple applications to maximize color
  • Feels a bit greasy


This jumbo eyeshadow stick comes in some sweet jewel tones but the pigmentation varies greatly by color and the formula doesn't stay in one place for any long stretch.

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