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Frank Body Original Scrub

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First Impressions

Frank Body’s tounge-in-cheek (and slightly dirty) humor, gorgeous palette, and entertaining Instagram photos of coffee slathered babes has me, and probably a 1/3 of all social media users, sucked right in. Is this a beauty product review or salute to savvy marketing? Well, it’s both really. Their entire strategy wins on multiple levels and garnered a following that bloggers (beauty or otherwise), marketers, PR folks (etc. etc.) dream of. However, with great hype comes high expectations and it’s rare I find a product truly deserving of all the praise it’s given. Sure it may be a good or really good, but is it holy grail status? I just had to know!

Frank Body’s Original Scrub is a clean, no frills blend of coffee grounds and natural minerals to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, leaving a soft and supple texture that should last hours. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free. Vitamins AED (restore + moisturize), almond oil (reduce hyperpigmentation), and sea salt (clear out sebum + anti-inflammatory) are popular ingredients in high quality skincare and some standouts. Steady use is supposed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and eczema.

Opening the little pouch it comes in releases a sweet aroma that’s really pleasing - the familiar scent of my favorite latte with subtle hints of orange oil mixed in. The coffee itself is finely ground and spreads easily without causing that scratchy, over-exfoliated feeling; perfect for those with sensitive skin. Because it’s so fine a little goes a long way. Frank suggests focusing on key areas of the body which for me are the belly stretch marks my kids “blessed” me with and my dry legs.

I shower in the morning, whenever we’re hustling to get out of the door, so finding a spare 10 minutes to let the product dry and work it’s magic is impractical. Unfortunately none of #thefrankeffect selfies for me. Still I did use the scrub four times over the course of nine days, with a 3-5 minute drying break in between. I also tried it on my little guy who suffers from mild psoriasis, which we treat with a steroid cream.

I’m happy to report that Frank and I will be spending more time together. My babies’ psoriasis, while not gone, is much improved. As for me, those pesky stretch mark’s are mostly unchanged but my skin does feel smooth and moisturized (but not oily) all day long. The only down side is the mess this leaves behind. The shower floor is thrashed with flecks of coffee grounds that don’t just rinse away when I’m done.

So you CAN believe the hype…this time at least. The results of Frank Body’s Original Scrub is as brilliant as their marketing. Bravo Frank! Everyone I know may be getting this for Christmas this year.

What We Love

  • Refreshing coffee scent with a hint of citrus
  • Whisks away layers flaky skin leaving smooth, moisturized skin
  • Finely ground so a little goes a long way
  • Vegan and cruelty-free

Not So Much

  • Leaves a mess in the shower
  • No visible changes to scars or stretch marks, though could require more time to test


Invigorating body scrub that could almost be as essential as your morning latte. Enhanced with nourishing, natural ingredients and cruelty-free. It's blend of all natural ingredients, including sweet almond oil, Vitamins AED, and salt effortlessly rid your body of dry skin, leaving a moisturized and supple feeling.

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