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Frank Body Body Balm

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First Impressions

I’m already a fan of Frank Body’s Body Scrub and…well..the brand as a whole. Their fun, racy marketing is enough to draw me in. The scrub itself is a great quality and for the most part delivers on it’s promise. For that reason I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their Body Balm. My skin stays really, really dry and the cool almost winter air does me no favors, so what better time to try it out. This promises to “hydrate and nourish (the) skin” and “treat problem areas long after you’ve scrubbed.”

It comes in the familiar white and pink packaging with an accompanying flyer donning Frank’s playful, tounge-in-cheek messaging throughout. THe high oil content makes this super runny on warm days but a task to use when it’s cool out. I had the misfortune of leaving it in the car with the windows rolled up only to find a small puddle of oil had leaked out. At least that wasn’t my purse! On the flip side, getting the thick product out can take a little finesse on cold days, especially given the caps small opening.

Many of scrubs same hydrating, all-natural ingredients are present, including coffee seed, almond, and coconut oil, with beeswax added in to give the skin a layer of protection without clogging the pores. After warming a small amount in my palms I spread it over my arms, legs. It feels very lightweight on the skin. The subtle, sweet scent of citrus and coffee lasts for a short time but is none the less lovely.

A couple weeks of semi-regular use has passed and I’m not noticing too much of a difference. My skin is softer but much of that I attribute to the scrub (again my latest obsession). Plus the greasy feeling it leaves on my palms is no bueno!

Overall it’s a great smelling product that will last for a while, however the results overall were average. Well, you can’t win them all.

What We Love

  • All natural ingredients
  • A little goes a long way increasing its value
  • Sweet citrus + coffee scent
  • Spreads very easily, leaving a lightweight feeling on the skin

Not So Much

  • Product may leak through cap on warm days
  • Results were average for the price


Hydrating, all natural body balm filled with skincare favorites (coconut, almond, grape seed oil) with coffee seed oil to promote skins elasticity and minimize scarring. The citrus meets coffee scent is great and a little goes a long way, but the results were average for what you pay.

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